2018 Wrapped (Spotify)


I listened to more podcasts this year than I did music.

(I played Nice For What 5 times a day on a 18 day road trip with my bf to piss him off).


Oh look, Daphne & Celeste take the top spot and dominate my top songs list.

The only reason William Basinski is in there is because I always fall asleep to Disintegration Loops and then wake up four albums later.


Mine should come to the surprise of absolutely no one really


Enjoying everyone trying to row back and claiming it isn’t right :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

I have no idea how I’ve listened to that much more this year.


Like how the top tracks are presented without an artist attached. Not really clear at all?


And as I’m a massive nerd and love stuff like, my top 10 from last fm (which will include iPod stuff also, although not much of that these days)


Just realised how fractured my listening habits are these days. Broken up between radio, Spotify, vinyl, CD, tape and Bandcamp. Since the demise of my iPod I’ve had to diversify between so many formats.



Shout out to my YLT buddies



Weird how R.E.M. aren’t in this Wrapped thing, when they’re clearly top of my Last.FM stats. Must be something wrong with Spotify’s algorithms!



yeah my last.fm is different to my spotify



I’m just so indie


Doesn’t match up with my Last FM either.


That’s more like it. Listened to a lot of Dawnwalker this year :smiley:



Someone should make a playlist of everyone’s top song.


(Doing career re-listens of the top 4 there)


on brand



I approve of this list.