2018 Wrapped (Spotify)


Ooft! That’s quite a long time.


will wait for the much better last fm version.

That’s right, too indie for spotify - where are my points?


167% more non-mainstream, hurrah etc etc. Although I as I still buy/download music, I mainly use Spotify to find new music/decide which new bands I want to buy, so the lists aren’t too accurate - other than I apparently spent 16 hours listening to Sean Nicholas Savage to see if I liked his sort of annoying voice. (I sort of do)


165% less mainstream, whatever the fuck that means


I must really flog bands when they come out here touring. I doubt i’ve listened to The National or BRMC since the start of the year!

I got 99% ranking

I wonder if I will get on the billboard!



Where is everyone seeing this %age ranking of their mainstream-ness?

Anyway here’s mine:

4 out 5 of your top artists were not rock but your top genre was rock. Oh, how boring.


Likewise my Last.FM is totally different but that’s because I buy the stuff I like and have a free Spotify so I only tend to be using Spotify for trying things out

Still, heavy @Dawnwalker rotation too, @UncleRetrospective


whats your instagram ??




All my top 5 songs are from that Hookworms album but I guess it did come out in February



Over 1,000 plays for The Fall over the course of this year. Ought feature quite highly on my AOTY list.


that’s still less than half a play per Fall song so you’re clearly not that much of a fan.


Will try and listen to more stuff next year!


I am glad my listening on Spotify was varied and interesting this year and not 3 of the artists I have listened to since I was 14 haha. However, it has been good going through Frightened Rabbit a lot in memory of Scott, what a great songwriter.



Q: What date range does the data in the Wrapped website cover?

A: January 1st to October 31st

^maybe it’s because they miss two months off


Like I say in my case it’s because everything in my MP3 collection I play on other software so Spotify is only racking up curiosity or back catalogue stuff while Last.FM is also capturing all the music I play to and from work or stuff I bought and play while working etc.


Massively impressed at the success of this incredibly transparent marketing campaign