2019-06-21 - AM Thread

When is Winter II in Australia @anon50098204?

Google’s doodle is just ‘happy winter 2019!’ which is impressively bland for a company happy to celebrate someone’s 136th birthday or whatever.

Morning Theo, pals.

It’s bloody early.

I’m taking a load of my team on a product familiarisation trip so on my way to Gatwick to fly to Hamburg and then cruise home. Really cba but will definitely dent company profits with the amount I intend to eat over the next two days.


Baby has fed hourly since about 10 so the TV hasn’t slept. I’m back at work today so this is exacerbating my guilt.


Cruise home, as in you will be on a ship home? I assume not but quite like the idea of you being all ‘fuck this’ and taking the slow boat (literally) back to work.

Also, what the hell is a product familiarisation trip?

Cripes. That sounds like a lot of milk. Are you having to supplement with formula? (My mum said I had to have both because I was so greedy she couldn’t make enough milk for me.)

Nope, supply meeting demand fortunately. Just makes sleep very hard to come by…

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Yeah on a cruise ship, my team sell cruises so it’s teaching them how to be more powerful weapons of capitalism.


I woke up at 4:20 ughhhhhh

Literally now have no idea if this is a serious response or you’re referencing that crazy Apprentice challenge years ago on a cruise ship. :smiley:

Well I think the question we’re all asking Rares is why the fuck you’ve taken 1hr 40m to post on here?

Please just sort your priorities out!

(I hope you get better sleep tomorrow.)


I post on SA first mate, obviously

Woke up at 5am thinking I had a nap and it was the afternoon.

Going to bake banana brownies to have as birthday cake tomorrow. I’m not sure 2 bags is enough chocolate chips

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Shoutout to @jazzballet whose new avatar is still causing me to lose it, especially when coupled with a post that is vaguely sincere :smiley:

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Today is my Monday. That’s all you need to know.

You crushing any cardboard today Spinster?

Good morning. Strangely awake. I put it down to the frankly outrageously good Korean takeaway I had last night. Early finish at work today then off for a weekend drinking with some ATDs

Clearly blazing it, Theo! Sigh Do I have to explain everything to you? :wink:


Well I’ve been off for two days and nobody else really does any work there so I think so, yes.

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DiS is my secret bit on the side, that’s what makes it such an exhilarating thrill :wink: