2019-06-21 - AM Thread

Can we look forward to a selfie of you with the machine behind?

You’re still gonna leave them right? You promised you would. I mean we both knew the situation but we just want a commitment!


No, no selfies today.

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Yes come on @Rarity, we’re the sleepy town of Ponyville to their alluring-yet-not-right Manehattan, surely?

Of course, of course, things are just difficult right now. Lowtax fucked up his spine and I’ve got to be there to support him but as soon as he’s had the operation it’ll be over, I promise.


Ok I’m sorry for doubting you, and thank you for the flowers.

Maybe I’m just polyforumual :thinking:


Good am everyone

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Sounds like something that’s just been banned from being put in shampoo.


Alright. Friday innit. Car in for its MOT today. Fingers crossed it isn’t cripplingly expensive. Working until 9, might sneak a trip to a wanker pub in on the way home. Bleugh


I am in bed.

Help me out of bed please. X

Why must it be a wanker pub?

Because that’s where I belong

beer wanker pub

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Off to deliver an all day training course in Birmingham. Cba, obviously. Maradona film tonight

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At long last it’s Friday.

Dress or posh crop dungas is the first big decision of the day I guess.

Left my cunting headphones at home!

off to :poland: to see :robot: and other assorted musicians isn’t it



Dungarees always.

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Why is it when I am WFH that I can’t sleep much after 5.30am?

What are posh crop dungarees?

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