2019 Album of the year [so far]

Press Club
Twilight Sad
Big Thief
Waste of Space Orchestra
These New Puritans
Employed to Serve
Desperate Journalist
Julia Jacklin
Sharon Van Etten

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Chemical Brothers

Favourites so far have been slowthai, Foals, Americ Anfootball, Fontaines D.C. and Little Simz :slightly_smiling_face: still need to listen to a lot of what’s been posted in this thread though

Chemical brothers
Comet is Coming
Ghost Halo
These New Puritans
Self Esteem
Malibu Ken

Kayla Painter’s double A-side bodes extremely well for the album when it comes.

Haven’t got around to Holly Herndon’s yet, but based on previous form it’s likely to end up on the list when I do…

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Been quite a good year so far but the ones I’ve listened to most are:

The Twilight Sad
W H Lung
James Blake
Foals (which after singles I wasn’t expecting to enjoy as much as I have)
Jamila Woods
Big Thief

I haven’t listened to slowthai or Tyler, The Creator yet. Only got round to Holly Herndon and The National’s new ones today.

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Good year so far. Finding that I get hooked on something then there is a bumper release week and I’m in catch up mode.

The flatworms ep is probably the release I’ve enjoyed most this year, perfect balance of wig out fuzz and pop hooks. The Beirut record is the one that’s caught me by surprise, as much the songs as the atmosphere and warmth of it. Lovely stuff. Ishmael Ensemble is probably my biggest recommendation to those not already familiar. Can see these guys getting huge.

Tyler the Creator sounds fantastic on first listen and still need need to catch up with Slowthai and Solange.

Weyes Blood
Durand Jones
Anderson Paak
Flatworms (ep)
Ishmael ensemble
Big Thief
Heavy lungs (ep)
Twilight Sad

… please excuse the horrid formatting of this image.

The record I’ve caned more than any other and I know for sure it will be one of my faves of the year is Sasami

Some albums that I’ve enjoyed, but need to spend a bit more time with:

Twilight Sad, Little Simz, Aldous Harding, Beirut, Chemical Brothers, Sharon Van Etten and Tiny Ruins.

I’ve only bought three albums so far this year, and the best one has been Barrie - Happy To Be Here. Not life changing, just very enjoyable. Got a free bar of chocolate with it and all, support your local independent record shop.

fallen so hard for Press Club

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Very much changing on a day-to-day basis, but what a fantastic haul.

Solange, Lizzo, Sigirid, and Big Thief the big disappointments so far

Not been a huge year for me but look forward to digging through this thread and finding some new gems.

Blue Spring is the clear standout so far.


DJ Muggs & Mach-Hommy - Tuez Les Tous is the one I’ve listened to most, hits the spot every time. A Very addictive and near perfect 30 minutes. Mach-Hommy is a real discovery for me this year and is cropping up on lots of other great albums too.

Kelsey Lu, Billy Woods and Claude Fontaine albums are all bubbling just below.

Fantastic year so far, toss up between Solange and Big Thief for my favourite.

That description means I definitely have to check this out.

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Ones what I have liked (can’t be bothered to post pictures):

Charly Bliss
Vampire Weekend

The Westkust one is great. Skyscraping shoegaze.

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5 of these are in my top 10 for the year so far. Need to spend more time with Holly Herndon, not really clicking so far.

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In no particular order, some faves so far

Anderson Paak
Tyler, The Creator
American Football
Durand Jones
Flat Worms

Go on then, most have been covered already, but here’s 16 that I’ve been enjoying…