2019 albums hype


Should probably start a new thread as 2019 albums are starting to be announced now. We’ve had The Twilight Sad, and now Sharon Van Etten on the same January date

2018 albums hype

New Mono in January


I don’t have a link since everything was revealed in Instagram stories, but we should be getting a second new album by The Smashing Pumpkins as well as two Billy Corgan solo albums.


There’s also a new Strange Ranger album coming in 2019, though the date hasn’t been released yet.


Lost Under Heaven - January 18th.


Anyone hear that 6 minute White Lies single? Sounded good. Their 1st album was good, 2nd bad, 3rd good, 4th bad…this is gonna be their 5th so…


Agreed. However, my no.1 track from 2016 came out of a bad album from them:


Doesn’t say when the album’s out but I’ll just assume it’s next year for now


Really bloody excited to hear a new Loyle Carner album after this:


Vince Staples teasing new music on twitter. This guy has been blazing an unbroken hot streak from day one and Big Fish Theory was one of my fave rap albums of the last few years. His work ethic’s blinding. V Excited.

Edit to add: (Maybe this should be in 2018 albums)



The Twilight Sad




Pro Procrastinator is a banger.






Arch / Matheos
Bent Knee
East of the Wall - (early 2019)
Fish - Weltschmertz
Flying Colors
Steve Hackett - At the Edge of Light (1/25/19)
King’s X
The Neal Morse Band - The Great Adventure (January 25)
Ours - (2 albums)
Pepe Deluxe
Queensryche - The Verdict (3/1/19)