2019 albums hype


B-sides album from Metz

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It hasn’t been announced as yet but apparently there is a new Ty Segall album called First Taste on the way. It was leaked early by Amazon and Apple earlier this week release date is 02/08/2019. I wonder how long before an album is released it is submitted to the streaming platforms. I thought they only got them a week before of someat.


You can submit them as far out as you like and just state the release date. Only restriction is I think it has to be a week to 10 days before hand if you want a simultaneous release across streaming platforms


Fair enough if people submit albums so far out I’m amazed more haven’t leaked this way if I would suspect mainly independent labels do this.


I reckon it may have been intentional it was released for a short while then removed? Who knows! The album was called First taste as-well. It could be a selection of tracks from his future albums hes releasing this year??
The 10th track on Emotional Mugger album is a sound collage kind of track with various future tracks he released after emotional mugger fading in and out…


Petrels has just dropped a new track from forthcoming album ‘The dusk loom’. Track is called The Hermit king. It is ridiculously good.

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Yeah this is really good

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[Trash Kit, the trio made up of members of Sacred Paws, Bas Jan, and Bamboo, have announced their first album in five years, alongside revealing the title track “Horizon”.](https://www.thelineofbestfit.com/news/latest-news/trash-kit-announce-first-album-in-five-years-with-lead-single-horizon)


This is more like it. His last album was alright but, it had nowt on the others.


That’s massive news.

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Gotta wait till August for the album though. Just Arluck.


I really loved Enter back in 2006. They kind of went downhill since then to me per their sound has resembled Explosions in the Sky rather than the heavier/post-metal sound of Enter.

They’re coming to my hometown again on the tour, but I don’t anticipate going.

something very different, new Tuxedo tune which is from the upcoming 3rd Tuxedo record Tuxedo III


New Marika Hackman album, Any Human Friend, out 9th August.

Very excited!


Hell yes!


I’ve just received my record of this band’s first album and it’s pretty special.
Holding Patterns - “Endless”

3/5 of the other very fine band Crash of Rhinos