2019 albums hype


ahh thanks!

“Immigrance” drops on March 15th. The preorder links are also available


New Fennesz album at the end of March


oh yeah!




In all honesty some people may like it but, I thought that was rubbish.


This starts out vaguely interesting but Yannis must be the most vapid lyricist on the planet. I usually go into their albums intrigued by the first single then have to turn off four tracks later because of all the clunk.

Can almost see the smoke pouring out of his electronic rhyming dictionary.


I’m digging Exits, and would have no problem if the rest of the 2 albums they’re releasing this year are similar or of the same quality.


Saw an interview with Greg Anderson which mentioned that Sunn O))) have a record coming this year


There are some track previews for this up on Instagram @groovedenied. Sounds like it’s going to be a lot of fun and a bit barmy. Out on March 15th according to Amazon.


they’re playing Dekmantel which is pretty mental


The new MONO album is streaming at BrooklynVegan, it is nicely soundtracking me learning to program in R this afternoon.


Holy shit this is coming out this week? Same week as Swervedriver? Shoegaze me straight to heaven baby!


Yeah, strong start to the year for new releases.



@kiyonemakibi: a one man wrecking crew with the breaking news!


Ha, I should stop checking Pitchfork and Stereogum all the time


New Pixies in September. I’ll be honest, I’m not as excited as I would have been fifteen years ago…



It’s out!


Stuart Braithwate played a new Sacred Paws song on 6music so hoping for a new one from them as Strike A Match was an absolute delight