2019 albums hype


I was listening to Are You Serious the other day and wondering what Andrew Bird was up to


New Craig Finn album I Need a New War out in April.

First song:


White Denim. Two songs out now.


Glen Hanard has a new one out April 12

New Song “I’ll Be You, Be Me”


Good shout!
Great first song!


CD ordered



I like D, but have not been all that into any of their albums since. They just released “Performance” last year and it was as forgettable an album as anything I heard in 2018. I’m not sure why to expect much more with a 2nd record in as many years.


Sounds like two coming this year :open_mouth:


such a great album title :smiley:




Jeez, those chords are giving me the shivers even through laptop speakers :open_mouth: Really looking forward to this, especially after the relative disappointment that was Kannon (three medium-length tracks featuring half-arsed iterations of a riff filched from their own “Cry For The Reaper” was not exactly what I expected from their first ‘proper’ non-collaborative release in six years, but hey, we can’t all be perfect all the time…)

*That said, I am listening to Kannon now :see_no_evil:


On a related note, I find it rather hard to comprehend that “Monoliths & Dimensions” came out nigh-on ten years ago. Time passes and all that… :confused:


Still their best, imo. The perfect blend of doom and grandeur and Csihar’s slow ravings of a mad dark god.


Definitely their best to date, and for me at least, one of the greatest albums of the 21st century thus far. “Alice” is one of the most beautiful pieces of music I’ve ever heard, no doubts.


Very underrated band.



New Charly Bliss! Excellent.