2019 albums hype


Album out on June 21.


Loved her EP/singles from last year. Just great pop songs.





Forgotten about these guys. This is great stuff.


Only just found out Marvin Gaye’s unreleased, less sexy follow-up to What’s Going On is getting a release at the end of March. Quite looking forward to this.


Sounding pretty good, new album should be great


Keep thinking of this when I see that title…


New Kevin Morby on April 26th. I love Singing Saw and City Music - based on the first track here, it seems like this will expand the sonic palette nicely.


The Sinnerman style hand claps that run through No Halo are properly great!



Great news here. ‘Phantom Brickworks’ was phenomenal.



Prolific much


New Lomelda album out Friday! (1st March)

‘thx’ was a really lovely album.


I really like Harlem River, if you’ve not heard that.

(Also both Babies albums are top, I miss that band)


Yes, I like that too - it took longer to click that the most recent two but is very strong. I tried Our House On The Hill recently, also excellent - need to check out the debut.

Here’s a recent hour-long jam on Harlem River in case you missed it:

Highlight is Meg Duffy at the end, fantastic guitarist.


Apparently there is an album due out for Francis Lung who used to be in Wu Lyf. Made 2 e.p’s that have some cracking tracks on it. This is his new track which is just a nice song nothing more, nothing less which is just nice to have every now and again:


Don’t know if any of you have listened to C Duncan, but his last two albums were exceptional and he has a new one out in a month. There’s a single but I haven’t listened to it, don’t want to spoil it I guess.