2019 albums hype



Was wondering what all the posts on Instagram were about. The stuff she was apparently doing with Frank Ocean has never appareed as well


Rinsed her last album. Excited for this…


the last Black Mountain album was rather forgettable.

If they could come up with some of those heavy/in-your-face riffs like on Into the Future, I will want to listen.


Drahla (my gig of the year in 2018) have their debut out 3rd May:


For fans of Goat Girl and similar, new Madonnatron album in May and tour in June…


Single has been getting some rotation on 6Music:



Loved their debut, and the Mermaids single too. Have been keenly following them and waiting for the new album.


Marissa Nadler has a collaborative album coming out in April:


Oh WUT! This is bound to be brilliant. Love both Nadler and Brodsky


don’t know Brondsky at all but that first track is great


I recommend listening to Cave In - Jupiter if you fancy getting acquainted with Brodsky




Whoa. I didn’t see this coming but it could be special. Really like that track.



Sometimes I wonder what takes Baroness longer; recording the actual albums or Baizley’s exquisite artwork for them.


Incredible melodies in these songs. https://www.deezer.com/en/album/89259792


Jamie Lenman has a new covers album called Shuffle coming out 5th July. I really liked Devolver so excited to hear this one.


This is a nice feature of the site…

Good first post @sssbaines :+1:


I’m going to mention this here as I know there were quite a few Nosferatu D2 fans on here. Hopefully it’s okay?

But, Ben and Ad used to be in another band before ND2,called Tempertwig (15-20 years ago) and Audio Antihero and a new label ,Randy Sadage Records are releasing an album/anthology of those early recordings.

I thought some on here might be interested.

It’s out on the 29th, but there are three songs you can listen on the link above.

I quite like this description of them.

@1101010, a few songs to listen to if you haven’t already.