2019 albums hype




well, i’m excited.


Sigh… The Wrens…


The new chromatics record!

Is this a joke we’re still making?!


Which will come first?

  • The Wrens’ new album
  • Chromatics’ new album
  • The end times

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The Avalanches used to be part if this but then surprised everyone, so there’s always hope


At least w/ The Wrens we semi-know what’s going on (there was a recent update where the dude said that mastering revealed about a third of his songs weren’t quite there iirc). Chromatics is mental - and I think the album that finally arrives will have been done a disservice by having released almost all of it ahead of time as singles.


Are any of the songs they’ve put out even going to be on the album? I thought most of them were just odds and ends or from the original version that was totally scrapped a few years ago.


Nah loads of them are on there - he released the track list like three years ago and we’ve had (inc. the singles that he removed from Spotify) a good 5 or 6 of them. Maybe more.


Johnny Jewel recently said that tracklisting is now out of date - though yeah some of the songs might just be newly recorded versions of stuff we’ve heard before


Ah, interesting. The last I heard he was re-recording exactly the same tracklist (in fact they said he’d re-recorded it already).


Don’t really understand why he’s obsessively changing so much on this album. He’s part of every band on his label and he’s released loads of stuff since Dear Tommy was scheduled to drop including… what, SIX solo albums now?


Could probably add Portishead to this list!


Julia Jacklin - Crushing. Out 22 Feb.





Anteros - When We Land



not sure why he’s gone from White Fence to Tim Presley to Tim Presley’s White Fence