2019 albums hype


Sarah Davachi’s new album is out at the end of the month but she’s also just released a collaborative album.

Not sure if it will be available digitally or anywhere else.



The song can be heard here https://whupfm.org/episode/downhill-swing-5-12-19/ Just skip to hour 2 and it starts at 53:50.

It’s amazing. So hyped for this album.

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B-sides album from Metz

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It hasn’t been announced as yet but apparently there is a new Ty Segall album called First Taste on the way. It was leaked early by Amazon and Apple earlier this week release date is 02/08/2019. I wonder how long before an album is released it is submitted to the streaming platforms. I thought they only got them a week before of someat.


You can submit them as far out as you like and just state the release date. Only restriction is I think it has to be a week to 10 days before hand if you want a simultaneous release across streaming platforms


Fair enough if people submit albums so far out I’m amazed more haven’t leaked this way if I would suspect mainly independent labels do this.


I reckon it may have been intentional it was released for a short while then removed? Who knows! The album was called First taste as-well. It could be a selection of tracks from his future albums hes releasing this year??
The 10th track on Emotional Mugger album is a sound collage kind of track with various future tracks he released after emotional mugger fading in and out…


Petrels has just dropped a new track from forthcoming album ‘The dusk loom’. Track is called The Hermit king. It is ridiculously good.

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Yeah this is really good

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[Trash Kit, the trio made up of members of Sacred Paws, Bas Jan, and Bamboo, have announced their first album in five years, alongside revealing the title track “Horizon”.](https://www.thelineofbestfit.com/news/latest-news/trash-kit-announce-first-album-in-five-years-with-lead-single-horizon)


This is more like it. His last album was alright but, it had nowt on the others.


That’s massive news.

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Gotta wait till August for the album though. Just Arluck.