2019 albums hype

I thought that earlier this week too. Hope they tour.

Where the fuck is that bloody WRENS record?!?! Someone needs to snatch it off Charles so he cant keep tinkering with it


Rather excited about the new DIIV. Their last one I could listen to start-to-finish and loved every moment. Almost perfect background music, and I don’t mean that in a bad way.

New DIIV track sounds like vintage Swervedriver, which god knows I’m a sucker for. Enough for me to get past Zachary’s cliche rockstar problems.

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Wasn’t he quite seriously addicted to heroin?

The new Strange Ranger is streaming:


Yes, he’s been clean a couple of years now.

what’s this about?

He’s no longer in the band though


But he was for a fair while after this happened.

what’s up with the genre attracting dickheads? Whirr is another that comes to mind

Anyone care?


I care that the cover sucks. Also is Skiba still in the band?
Maybe I care a little


What a great band. So beautiful.

Just had my first listen, it’s beautiful. Especially the ending sequence. I think they’ve done it again.

What did they do?

I haven’t stopped playing it tbf

Looks like there’s a date for the Palm Haze album, August 30th. This might be the most excited I’ve been for a debut full length.

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