2019 albums hype



hoping there will be a new Los Camp! lp.


Looks like The Raconteurs are putting out a new album and Jack White has gone full mid-life crisis (shiny gibson flying v with matching shiny shoes). Quite like the look of this video but I don’t like the song

Quite like the second song but, the video is rubbish


News. But then again not really.



Dear Tommy comes out in 2019?

  • Yes
  • No

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Didn’t it say ‘Fall 2018’ before? That’s sooner than ‘soon’!



Kayo Dot :pray:


I really liked that single he released last year hopefully more of that.


More of a question than a hype, but does anyone more in the know than me expect there to be anything new from Explosions in the Sky this year? It’s their 20 year anniversary as a band I believe.

Also enjoyed the new Martha track and am excited for the album that I’m hoping will follow


Intrigued by this. The odds and ends he’s released since the last have been interesting. His last was just TOO bloated and samey to grow any real affection for so shout out to the 12 song tracklist too.


Maybe some soundtrack stuff.
it’s been 3 years since their last ‘proper’ album so thats bound to be in the works also.
I’d also like LP pressings of How Strange Innocence and The Rescue ideally.


Interesting to see if they rerelease ‘how strange, innocence’. On the cd reissue I’ve got (2004 maybe) there’s a spiel in the pamphlet notes over how embarrassed they were about the album, something about it half baked ideas. Wonder if the passage of time has given them more appreciation of it.

Would love a new album in 2019 but we’ll see.


I actually really love ‘how strange…’. It doesn’t have quite the polish and punch of some of their later stuff but i still think it’s got a lovely feel to it and I go back to it quite a lot (it’s one of my go to at work headphones albums). The closing 3 tracks of glittering blackness > time stops > remember me… are glorious and would like to see some of these making an appearance in their live sets



All of this, plus: it would be nice to have this on vinyl without having to pay the £869 someone is asking on discogs right now for it :rofl:


Looks like a new Field Mouse album, which is great (Episodic should have reached more people).

She just tweeted this great fake tracklist:


Absolute dreams for this year would be Jai Paul finally pulling his finger Out as it would be most years. But beyond the obvious also a new Darkside album would be appreciated. Listened to Psychic this week plus extras and they are fucking amazing a return for me would be most welcome


Thinking about it I still maintain that absolutely awful bandcamp album that leaked will still be in the top 5 album of the decade list for Jai Paul if nothing new comes out, for me anyway. (one of those every person who bought it went and made music type things)


new Tool album vocals are done.


I thought someone from XL had kind of quietly leaked that he’s not intending to actually release an album?