2019 albums hype


It seems to change with each passing year, there seems to have been all sorts of issues with XL to the point that nobody really knows if he is still signed to them.


That’s crazy/fascinating - is there a run down of all this somewhere? Always interested in these behind the scenes label situations…


Blimey! Remember reading that there was 300 originally pressed so it may have been one of the ‘first editions’. But still…


Not that inspired by this, but I guess some/ most albums are only announced shortly before release there days


Aye that was the only pressing ir ever got.
Small pressing run + early 2000s + band who became popular later = £££


Oooh vampire weekend - didn’t realise they were due to be making a return. It should hopefully be bloody brilliantly given how long they’ve had to put this one out!

Will also definitely be checking out Grimes and Sharon van Etten too


I think you might be the only person on the board excited about the prospect of this… :wink:



Yeah, but they’re all excited about the prospect of taking the piss out of them!






Ha, was about to post this!


First thing this year that’s got me proper excited.


Three albums from Ryan Adams coming this year…



Very excited for this




More details have been announced since I posted and more information coming tomorrow. No news on dates yet. Hopefully he will stagger them throughout the year!


Quite in the mood for a big slice of Adams madness. Have enjoyed his recent steady releases but we all know he’s at his best when going crazy.