2019 albums hype


The cover of the second of these (‘Wednesdays’) is very Nebraska, isn’t it? Hoping for a lovely, stripped back guitar, voice and harmonica thing more in keeping with Heartbreaker. He’s long overdue one of those (Don’t @ me with Ashes and Fire talk)


Frankly, I’m going to be bitterly disappointed if the real tracklist isn’t half as good as this.


Foals: Everything Not Saved Will Be Lost Part 1 and Part 2


Happy for this but is it a double album? Because that’s always a bad idea.



I was thinking that as soon as I saw the cover… fingers crossed

This is my thinking… first album standard Ryan Adams affair, second a stripped back, guitar, piano etc. thing… Third one a metal album which is also a cover in full of a recent pop album.


Her debut a few years back was/is a cracker



I loved their previous record but not sure I like that new track… it’s a pretty big departure in sound and lacks a lot of what made them great.

Just one track though, still look forward to the album


Basinski niiice!


Excited for this. Saw these guys at Oslo on the first album tour and they absolutely smashed it…


The new song is very good, getting this album and a Sleater Kinney album in one year is awesome. Have to go back to the Wild Flag album as well.


New song reminds me of The Go Go’s :smiley:


Now streaming at NPR




Confirmed now


Like this more than I thought I would. Wasn’t a particularly massive fan of these lot always thought the other projects, The Moonlandingz & Insecure Men, have been better. I really quite like this.


Fantastic, i love this. Heard it a few times now and it gets better with every listen.

Very erratic band though, patchy albums but with moments of real brilliance. Hopefully they’ll do a whole album as good as this.


Cheers for this but I’m going to hold off until I have the lp in hand.
Really looking forward to it though :grinning:


Spoiler alert: it’s good.