2019 albums hype


I had no doubts.
Listened to Yellow Bike but not the 2nd single.
Next Friday is solid af with this and twilight sad and sve.


I’m amped for the new Chaka Khan album as well. Get your groove on!



it may be like Between the Buried and Me’s Automata where it is split, but on the surface, they are stating these are 2 separate albums. I guess we’ll see. For me, Foals have not released a bad record in their catalog. Even with their bassist leaving, I still am optimistic about these albums.


Just relistened to Currents and it’s still really fucking good, so looking forward to new Tame Impala.


Great band !


Patty Griffin has a new album coming out on March 8th.



As a track from her debut just came on shuffle - anything come out about a new Shura record?


This is the type of news that makes me like news.


New Wildhearts album out in May.
First album for 10 years.


I’m seeing them at the end of May…


I’m hoping that they come back up to Scotland later in the year.


Cheers for the heads up. Her debut and EP are stunning. She’s playing live at Electrowerks in a few months too.


Two albums, one in March, one in the autumn





Rumours of a Phoebe Bridgers/Conor Oberst collaboration album.

Something to do with this