2019 albums hype


liking the sound of this…


Love that one of their preorder options is AN ACTUAL BOAT


Looking forward to the pup one especially


I’ve said it before and I’ll continue saying it. I love PUP. At the midway point on Kids I was thinking, hmmm, maybe I’m not as keen on this, then they threw their trademark change ups at it and I felt settled. Good stuff.


I was tempted by that, but then remembered I didn’t want to spend that much on a pre-order featuring a novelty boat.


Edinburgh any good for you? New tour dates announced this morning (my end of May gig is at a festival, but I’ll go to the Bristol show here as well)


Pity it’s not Glasgow, but Liquid Room in Edinburgh is a great wee venue!

I’ll be there!!



The twitter seems to be posting things saying ‘peng’.


New Frank Carter And The Rattlesnakes album out on 3rd May.
End Of Suffering.

February tour too.


i assume this is the (terrible) artwork for the new snarky puppy album - apparently out in march


Like that. I enjoyed Not Real and this looks to be a continuation of good form!


No idea where to put this but Jeremy Warmsley is releasing a song every month in 2019.

@Yvash @pichaelmarker I didn’t want to hijack the Talk Talk thread!

He released this stunner for the Wanderlust show in September last year in case anyone missed it.




Methyl Ethel - new album due in Feb


looking forward to this.


Happy Indiekidmas everyone! To celebrate the first big Friday of the year we’re doing a quick show of hands on Twitter. Get involved.


first single is here! album 15th March


got to add

have a nice life
deaf center


deaf center!!! haven’t thought about them in years


Excellent news. Kind of glad that Matador originally rejected it as we got Sparkle Hard (very nearly my 2018 #1) instead, but now they’re releasing it anyway. Best of both worlds!