2019 — Classics / Canon DiS Hip-Hop Listening Club

Pretty ridiculous this, but I’ve never actually listened to an Ice-T album in full.

Need to catch up with revisiting Scarface first, but well up for this

man i’m hella in the mood for this atm.

Excellent choice! The album cover is brilliantly awful. What sort of font is that spelling Power?

I remember swapping my copy of Eazy-E’s first album for Power with a friend at school because I thought Eazy-Duz-It was really disappointing. I haven’t heard Power for ages so I’m looking forward to this. My CD got lost in the mists of time but I was convinced that New Jack Hustler and O.G. Original Gangster were on this album but apparently not. I am looking forward to revisiting this.

I read Ice-T’s ghost written biography a few years ago and thoroughly enjoyed it. He rightly claims to have kick started gangsta rap off in Los Angeles but gives full credit to Schoolly D for making the first proper gangsta record. It was interesting to hear about the influential connections he had with the east coast and the Zulu Nation before he made 6 in the Mornin’. I think he also claimed to be doing lots of smash and grab robberies in jewellery stores when his rap career was starting. Apparently, his crew would walk in with club hammers, break all the cases and then casually walk out with the goods. It’s hard to believe everything he says when he also appeared in 1984’s Breakin’ and was clearly fully involved in the entertainment business.

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They were both on O.G original gangster, which i love.

For some reason ive never heard this album. Very much looking forward to it.

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Still find it weird that ice is in ncis or whatever.

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OG is def my fave Ice T record but this is filling a void and sounding great to these old ears.

worth stating that IceT is a great twitter follow.

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picked this because I’ve not listened to it in forever so thought it’d be a good excuse to revisit it. think I prefer OG but we’ll see.


In general I feel like Ice T is pretty slept on any more. He helped originate a sound but kind of got left in the dust a bit and forgotten about. seems like old heads (dudes slightly older than me in their early 40s) have a big spot for him but my generation went all in on nwa/dre/cube/snoop when the sound smoothed out a bit. i dont feel like he has a song (or even album) that has stood the test of time and stayed atop any canon listicles or whatever. dont hear any of his songs really on any old rap radio stations. but he has GREAT stuff idk why it’s this way.

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Anyone remember baadasss tv?

(Sorry - I’ve digressed! Will go listen to the album now)


That’s how im livin should be that song.

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case n point thats got like <10k views :frowning:


Amazing cover. Anyone remember when Fat Lace did their version of it?


Haven’t listened to this album in years. Actually I don’t really listen to Ice-T at all these days. For me, he was one of many rap artists that didn’t really make a good transition into the early 90s sound. Even at the time he sounded a bit dated if you compared him to people like Ice Cube, Ultramagnetic, KRS etc. “Didn’t smooth out” is a nice way of putting it @theShipment.

But yeah, I’m really in the mood for something like this at the moment - very much a ‘straight up’ rap album. Storytelling, no guests, all quite pared back. Great choice.

Ice-T will also always get love in the UK for signing Hijack, who I loved.



The skits he does on Power, make him sound slightly mental. Why didn’t he get other people to help him instead of doing different voices? Maybe nobody wanted to help him or he was too much of a control freak and didn’t trust anyone else.

really loved listening to this a few times this week for this reason.

All of the current stuff that I really like - Roc Marciano, Conway, Benny - never really thought about the similarities to Ice-T.

ice-t’s pronunciation of “boiii” is quintessential.
really like ‘high rollers’, makes the rest of the album sound dated in a brittle kind of way. guess that probably doesn’t make sense.

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oh yeah, :face_with_monocle: noticed @CHAIRMAN_LMAO ain’t on the ‘sign me up’ likes. g’wannin?