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yeah first song off of steal this album, which samples this bad ass funk song

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i think with party music the production kinda turned a corner into ~corny~ territory for me. theres still something kinda crude (playful?) about the production on their first three albums but it sounded more organic in comparison to their post-2000 sound. the recording and mastering process mustve changed quite a bit. if im recommending the coup to anyone its always going to be one of the first three albums.

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Been slacking on this - not on Spotify and only just round to sticking it on my phone.


I was taught dont rely on pigs for protection
Shit i dont even ask 'em for directions


Only just got round to listening to this yesterday. Really like it. Reckon I would have dug this at the time. Kind of thing I’d have swerved because of the Pen N Pixel cover.

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Can we get a homework extension on this??


haha yea, ive asked @incandenza to fill in for coolerthantv for tomorrow but let’s let this one simmer for another week. btw I think you should check out all of the Coup’s first 3 albums.


on fat cats and bigga fish the burger king girl cashier saying “have a nice day” with breath like murder- boots going in on a capitalist phrase like with sorry to bother you. that bit sounds possibly misogynist to me, though.


I’m glad we’re having more time for this album. I’ve been really busy moving house recently and only listened through a few times while trying to build some really stressful IKEA furniture. This probably didn’t put me in the right frame of mind to appreciate it. I guess there must be some sort of record company issue that is stopping their first two albums appearing digitally. I wonder if their back catalogue is in a similar situation to De La Soul’s.


All their albums are available on Spotify here in the states. Not sure why they aren’t over there.


Bump cos Santa Rita Weekend is so good:

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8Ball & MJG – In Our Lifetime

Released 1999. Produced by T-mix and Mr DJ.
pick courtesy of @incandenza

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is the thread dead?

i love 8ball & mjg. one of the first southern groups i really stanned for. the back half of this album really hits the right mood but i pretty much love it front to back:

they could be really poignant

and really hyped up


you gonna speak on this @incandenza ? go on.

i’m a bit squeamish about some of the lyrics, worst I clocked was the goading about someone being molested as a child.

sonically amazing, though. especially bass on ‘do it how it go’. loads of album sounds nice and shimmery.

the cover is great.


No offence @furryfan, but the album cover is pretty shocking. It looks like it was made in a hurry with a bad photocopier. Surely they could have made more of an effort. It’s not as if it was their first album and they were doing it on the cheap.

Every other album they made has a better cover:


Although the Space Age 4 Eva is a bit rubbish. My favourite cover is for On Top Of The World because 8ball looks like an actual 8ball on a pool table.

I have to admit that I don’t know anything about them and this is the first album I’ve heard. I sort of like it but I’m not 100% sure yet. Could anyone give me a top 5 8ball and MJG tracks? Or top 10?

I really hope this thread doesn’t die. I’m really enjoying hearing all these classics that I didn’t even know existed. I feel like I’m going to Hip Hop university.


ha! no offence taken, horses for courses, innit. I quite like the space age 4 eva cover too! reckon the worst one there is ten toes down. turn of the century, Hollywood wannabe-blockbuster design.

the lo-finess is why i’m into the in our lifetime cover, is unexpected. i like that Warhol style. pastels are nice and the writing across the middle nasties it up in a pleasing way.

haven’t we got one or two graphic designers in hip hop lc? be good to hear their take.


the majority of their album art is awful, in our lifetime is bad, i can see what they were trying to do but it’s very amateurish. but… comin out hard is an all time pen & pixel masterpiece.
p&p also did outside lookin in and on top of the world which are fun cos they’re p&p designs but they arent their strongest works. p&p also did both of their 90s solo albums,
8ball’s lost (which is a top 3 album in these guys discography)
and mjg’s no glory:

the lost cover is classic cos it has my dream car on it (96 impala ss) and the mjg cover is pretty striking cos the burning confederate flag. space age 4eva kinda works for me but it’s not great by any means. i dont rate any of their covers after that, pretty generic stuff.

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The crashed space shuttle is genius.

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