2019 DiS Community Hardship Fund Winter Raffle TICKET thread 🎫 ENTRY CLOSED, draw TOMORROW 22/11)

After yesterday’s successful prize reveal thread, I am pleased to say that entry to this year’s Drownedinsound Community Hardship Fund Winter Raffle is now open for the draw on Friday 22nd November :partying_face:

Please read the following information very carefully

Raffle entry will be via a paypal moneypool, same as last year. If this is a problem for you please contact me and I’ll see if I can sort out an alternative for you. Also, if you have a regular donation to the fund or have donated a one off recently you do not have to pay again to get your ticket, please contact @anon26275971 so he can confirm for me that you have already donated.

Things will be working slightly different from last year. Entry is by purchasing a single ticket, which will be given to you in the form of a unique alphanumeric code (reasons for this will be explained below). You can buy a ticket for £2, but donations above this amount are welcome, with a suggested donation of £10

Here is how to enter:

  1. Send me, @Flashinglight a DM with the title of “[your username] raffle ticket” (please include your username as it’ll make it easier for me to find the message in the awkward inbox) requesting to purchase a ticket.
  2. I will send you a link to the paypal pool to donate to and give you your unique ticket number, please enter this number in the message field when donating so I know you have paid.
  3. Once I have seen your code on the paypal thing (I will check several times a day) I will DM you with a link to the prize preferences form. Please fill out this form (more instructions on that below) and make sure to put in your raffle ticket number and not your username to identify yourself.
  4. Congratulations, you have entered this year’s raffle!

The reasons for using the ticket codes this year are as follows:
-it was an option which means the amount a user donates is anonymous, so nobody has to feel self conscious about their donation amount being judged.
-this year I bought some nice new tickets to use, but they have a few different pictures on and I didn’t see this flaw in the plan when I bought them, using the codes means there is no way I could possibly remember what name is on a ticket, so no one can acuse me of any cheating or bias (during the draw last year there were a couple of [I think] joking suggestions of this, which still hurt a little as I was trying so hard to do everything honestly and fairly)
-lastly, @ynot who will have access to all the prize preferences submissions was wary of similar and going to exclude himself from entering, but this way, as their will be no names to those entries, I can’t possibly see how he could be accused of any impropriety as I will be the only person who has the list matching names to codes (though he is a proper GBOL anyway and trustworthy and conscientious so wouldn’t do anything dishonest with his access).

Also, @anon26275971 would like me to note that the fund is actually currently at surplus level. The implications of this being the likely a good deal of the fundraising money may go to other good charitable causes. Also I hope this will encourage people to use the fund if they are in need coming up to the end of the year because it is in a healthy state so please no one should feel like their need isn’t important enough.
There is a thread discussing how to handle a surplus here:

This post is already incredibly long so I will start another to talk more about how this year’s system for entering your prize preferences works and why it is important for the draw.

Good luck, and happy raffling :+1::grinning::ticket:


Ok, so some stuff not covered already:
This year you get to buy one ticket and the draw will be for one prize per person unless there is a) more prizes than people, or b) it gets in a position where the people still prizeless don’t have anything they wanted left available.

After you have bought your ticket you get a link to @ynot’s clever new form for submitting you prize preferences. This is really important to fill in as it helps me allocate winners prizes they actually want and the ones they want most. Last year I asked you to rank all the prizes you wanted in order which I realise was a bit difficult. This year Ynot came up with an easier method which means you rate each prize individually from zero (do not want) up to ten (this is what I want most). Some points on how to use this:

  • It is very important that for prizes you DO NOT WANT that you either rate them 0 or leave the rating blank, this way it will not appear on your personal list and I will know you have no interest in or cannot use that prize.
  • Your personal numbers ar used in isolation from other user’s, so aside from the very important point above about the zero ranking, use the numbers however you like. Have one prize you absolutely want above all others? Only rank that one as 10! Have a top five prizes? Rank them 10 down to 6 and rank the others below. 10 numbers to rank with is too much? Just use half the numbers and ignore the rest. Want to rank everything 10 because you love all prizes equally? Go for it!
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If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to contact me, or the other Raffle Committee members - @ynot especially for prize form issues, or @anon26275971 for paypal stuff :+1:


This is ace. Thanks Rafflebods, this is amazing work


This is exciting isn’t it


Fl will send the link when people have PMed her it says?

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well I’m excited.

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Yes. Milk and sugar?


I know, but it is just something I am really sensitive to :frowning:


Already very busy :grinning:

Forgot to get my checklist ready, so will have to catch up tonight to keep track of everybody. Sorry if I miss anyone during the day with sending the prize link, you will get caught up with later though.


Meant to link the prize list in here:

And also the prize reveal thread:

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I’ve no idea how it’s nearly 1pm already. I’ve been ridiculously busy so missed the start of this.

But I can see four people have entered so far, hopefully the form is straightforward enough for everyone to use. Any queries just ask.

  1. Bespoke bile ride donated by Plasticniki

Bloody endurance cyclists!

(@ynot I’ll leave it up to you whether you correct the typo)



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I’m probably gonna pretend I’m really angry about not getting certain prizes and claim it’s rigged because I’m an idiot who finds it funny to do so. I can’t help myself. But please know I have total faith in your integrity and I’m happy just to be part of raffle day whatever happens prize wise.


We’ve got a while to enter this right? Like, up to the draw?

I need to find some money…

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Was tempted to pick this one just to make @plasticniki pootle around town with me at about 5mph :smiley:


Hadn’t looked at the Dishoom menu before putting my choices in. The breakfast list is quite spectacular

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IN. Was ruthless and only picked about 10 prizes, probably going to end up with nothing :woman_shrugging:

If anyone changes their mind on prizes you can resubmit using the same code. My database records the date and time of each entry, so I can take the last entry as your final answer.

Just don’t do it too much.