2019 DiS Community Hardship Fund Winter Raffle TICKET thread 🎫 ENTRY CLOSED, draw TOMORROW 22/11)

£1101 now. I think that might have beat last year already? Although there are less entrants so far, so potential for even more.

Well done everyone.


We just need another penny to make it a very @1101010 looking number.


Last year was £1150.69, so very close now!

I’m so excited for Friday!

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My excitement levels are also very high!

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If we beat last year, I’ll change my username to CornishPasty for a year.


Better not have R’s dad cancel on him on Friday. If this happens and I am without childcare there are three options:

  1. I do the draw sporadically throughout the day when I can get a spare moment here and there
  2. The draw gets postponed
  3. We get @ynot to be the raffle drawing guy as I think he has the day off…

Any thoughts on which is most preferable welcome, though hopefully it won’t come to that.

Whatever is most convenient and painless for you personally and only you is the most preferable.


Tbh, if I did option 1 I am not entirely sure I’d be able to keep track of things 100% accurately, now I think about it.

Rearranging would be so rubbish though. This is the first @ynot will have heard about backup option 3 so I don’t know his feelings on that :grinning:

Massively hoping everything goes to plan though and this discussion is all unnecessary :crossed_fingers:


Is that another £1 donation?

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This is definitely the right answer!

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:grinning: this might start off well, but he would get bored very quickly and/or want to play with the tickets so some might go missing.

Actually, emergency plan could be to draw all the tickets and make a list as I am doing that of the order and then do the rest gradually through the day, then I wouldn’t have to keep up with the paper side :thinking:

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£1 donation every time he posts under that username I think.

I’ll tell my wife there’ll be no Christmas this year.

How much to change it to CornishPasty_notfromgreggs :face_with_head_bandage:


£10. I’m very easily lead.

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I’m pleased you’re not selling yourself short.

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I can step in for the draw if needed, but I’d rather not.

I’m not sure I’d have the time needed to print out everything needed (no printer at home, working late tomorrow, gig on Thursday). Also, as I’m in the draw, I’d have to drop out as I wouldn’t want to be allocating myself a prize. I’m still a little uncomfortable being in it as it is.

I do have the day off, and I’m happy to update any google spreadsheets for you, so you can keep an eye on what’s been drawn etc.

I reckon worse case scenario, postponing to a day next week would be fine with everyone?


£1000 and I’ll change it to anything you like, permanently.