2019 Electronic / IDM / Ambient Drone Listening Club (Dalhous - Will To Be Well) )


Ha, yes, I had to have several breaks for coffee, phone calls but have finally finished. Really enjoyed that. It makes you realise how little AFX used for his remix (but then I think he was largely taking the michael with much of 26 mixes for cash).

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Posted a thing on Instagram about my choice for the listening club. Just saw this:


You. Have. Made. It.


Might ask him if he wants to collaborate with Dis State.


The “crickets” but is a little strange. Not sure what it’s particularly supposed to represent because everything else seems so carefully chosen to reflect the theme. It sounds great, but possibly is a little out of place thematically.

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Perhaps you can ask him?!


Finally remembered to listen to this. It’s extraordinary. Not got much else to say about it atm really but yeah. Incredible stuff.

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That’s a whole 6 extra days that this record wasn’t in your life. Bet you listened to earlier now, huh?


I am a little - but on the other hand maybe this mood and this light and this particular cup of tea were the exact combination of factors necessary for me to really connect to it? It might have been all wrong for me on, say, Monday.

Who knows, McG. Who knows.

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Monday is the best day for ambient.


Ooooo I’d missed the start of this thread by a week!! Damn. Really stoked to listen when I’ve got some quality headphone time available.


arggh @sheeldz I can’t seem to dm you! I think either the dm system is down or I haven’t managed to use it properly for some reason. Anyway count me in for a pick this time round. (promise no more 3 hour long minimal drones promise not legally binding; your statutory rights are not affected)

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So I think that was a very good first pick. And a great start for the Listening Club in 2019, thanks @McGarnagle.

New pick coming this thursday! I’ll list off everyone who is up for pikcing, then I’m randomonly chosing.

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Just discovered that my next pic isn’t on Spotify! Darn.


Need to get my head back into this ( got some mg to catch up on too). This week’s going to be ambient as fuck.


Alright nerds prepare yourselves for…

Venetian Snares - Rossz Csillag Alatt Született

Got this on now and have a big ol’ grin on my face. Arguably yer man’s crowning achievement saw him fusing his trademark awkwardly time-signatured breakcore with classical music samples. Sounds like a recipe for disaster but it’s weirdly coherent to my ears at least. There’s an effective contrast between the elegance of the harmonies and the controlled rhythmic chaos underneath.

I don’t follow him so closely these days but in the mid 2000s he was probably the closest thing to a successor to Aphex Twin as a poster child for IDM. ‘The Choclate Wheelchair Album’ was pure bombast, ‘Huge Chrome Cylinder Box’ did Autechre style mechanical meltdown and pretty much everything he did back them was incredible, but I think this one stands above the rest.

Breakcore seems to have fallen mainly by the wayside these days. For me it fulfilled a role of having so much going on that it blocks out all thought - cathartic through complexity. I guess I use really noisy drone and black metal for that more these days but listening to this makes me want to revisit the genre in much more detail.

Anyway, sorrynotsorry to the ambient crew :wink:


Playlist up and running.


I can’t believe you’ve done this.


It’s the 4th time I’ve not picked Shpongle though…


Coincidentally the 4th time we’ve breathed a collective sigh of relief. :wink: