2019 Electronic / IDM / Ambient Drone Listening Club (Dalhous - Will To Be Well) )


Whoa. System overload! :smile: Just finished this. While I will admit I’m not the biggest breakcore/breakbeat fan, I have a couple of buddies that are MASSIVE into it so I hear it a fair amount. This record was definitely, whats the word, unique (?)…

There was A LOT going on with this record. First off, I have never heard the two styles used with each other, breakbeat/core with modern composition so that’s interesting in and of itself. Used very nicely at times I might add. I prefer the tracks where the breakbeats are layered in the back of the classical pieces, not at the forefront.

Some really great tunes though, especially ‘Hajnal’. Starts with hyper speed modern comp, only to go into some Art Blakly type jazz drums beats, smokey saxophone, then back into computer crashing breakbeat noise. Never heard anything like it :+1:

At times you feel like Beethoven, Squarepusher and Brian Chamberlain from Lightning Bolt got caught up in George Carlin’s time machine in ‘Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure’ and formed a band.

Enjoyed it more than I thought I would to be honest. Need to tell a couple of my buddies about this record, as I doubt they have heard it and will be flipping their lid once they do.

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That brooding jazz breakdown is pretty special, huh?

Glad you found things to enjoy here. Appreciate it’s not gonna be to everyone’s tastes!

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Thats the beauty of this listening club, multiple genres in the electronic world to discover and venture out of your comfort zone sometimes.


New Chlorine. Yes!


This is the listening club thread pal.

You need this one.

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My introduction to Venetian Snares was the demented Songs About My Cats, but Rossz Csillag Alatt Született is the breakcore album I’ll reach for if I’m in the mood for its sublimely terrifying mix of seething, brutalist drums and cut-up orchestration. One of the standouts for me is the Gloomy Sunday cover Öngyilkos Vasárnap that turns Billie Holiday’s delivery even more haunting, like something out of a Leyland Kirby track about dementia.

I love that Funk is so eclectic within breakcore (Detrimentalist is another Snares essential), but his branching out can be a lot of fun, too. His Last Step alias is pure Acid loveliness and the Poemss collaboration is one of the most bizarre albums in my collection.


Oof, what a pick. Not listened to this one in years. Strong memories of discovering it while wandering around Budapest, appropriately enough. Look forward to rebooting it after work today. Nice!

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I loved it when it came out. I don’t think it’s aged very well. That could say more about my changing tastes though.

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Had this on in the car the other day :grinning:

Picked up both albums when I was 17 and had them and Squarepusher on repeat while playing GTA Vice City - happy days!

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I think it’s dated in terms of IDM trends but I think the production has aged really well (contrast with early Warp albums which can sound quite dated however much I love them).

The prevailing trend for really rhythm-heavy material at the moment seems to be really metallic and cold (at least to my ears). Actually Venetian Snares’ Huge Chrome Cylinder Box Unfolding would probably be huge if Objekt out it out this year.

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This is an interesting pick. When I first moved to That London back in about 2005 I was living with a couple of mates who were big into IDM and one who loved Venetian Snares, so I heard a lot of his stuff from that time by osmosis, but it never really clicked with me.

Not sure why, but there was something weirdly… unconvincing(?) about it all to my ears. Almost as though he was an extremely convincing imitator, but somehow there was always something slightly out of place and not quite right. Like a forgery with a few small imperfections.

Anyway, I’m interested to go back into this to see if the intervening years have changed the way I hear it.

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That’s the spirit!

I wonder if your math rock past means that the 7/8 super complex rhythmic side was less exciting to you than it was for me?

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Nice! Let’s fear their ambient faces off.

(Quite a fan of cubist reggae from VS myself)

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Re: My Math Rock Past, that’s an interesting point. Had been very into Don Caballero and the likes for a good few years at that point so it maybe wasn’t quite as out there for me. :thinking:

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This is huge amounts of fun. Never really listened to Venetian Snares before, was familiar with David O’Reilly’s video for Szamar Madar (https://vimeo.com/1715318) but that was about it, and that was mainly just for his visuals.

I found it an oddly nostalgic listen, despite having no sentimental attachments to it prior. Definitely agree with @NeilYoung on ‘Hajnal’ being the stand out track, can imagine revisiting that track a fair bit, but not the LP as a whole unfortunately, despite having a blast listening to it.

Big fan of this description too :grinning:

Plan to revisit ‘Music Is Rotted One Note’ and ‘Budakhan Mindphone’ this afternoon now, and massive thanks @AphexTwinkletoes for this discovery x


Yes! Ultravisitor was the other one I considered for this week


Thanks for the change in tempo on this one!

The only time I’d previously enjoyed Venetian Snares was during an evening when I had walls undulating in front of me. I had no idea what the track was, but I remember thinking it was one of the most exciting things I’d ever heard.
Turns out that track is Szerencsetlen.

Any other time I’d heard VS I’d dismissed it as too intense, with just too much going on. Maybe my ears are in a different place nowadays (Picasso alert) or maybe being blown away by Aphex at Field Day permanently altered my listening boundaries. However, sitting down to this with headphones on a few times since it was posted has forced me to reassess.
It is consistently startling and twists and writhes in unexpected directions. I’m not sure whether he administers the poison or the adrenalin shot.

I pinged a mate last night who has been a long term fan and has frequently tried to get me to listen. He replied “It’s his masterpiece. Once it’s got you, you’re done. It’s a fantastic mix of brutal and beautiful at the same time.”
Yep, that.

Bloody love this thread.


So Steve but this really isn’t striking with me at all the now. Not because it is crap or anything, just not into this kid of break core stuff right now.

But five years I I’d have been swimming in this shit. So there you go.

Listening-club is ace eh

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Oooft, no real clue what’s going on here. Not sure if I love it or want to throw my headphones across the room and never listen to it ever again.

But then I’m the guy who picked a three hour minimal drone piece first time round so :man_shrugging:

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I’ve probably not listened to it for a couple of years but I found I knew the rhythms inside out when listening again. Was pretty bamboozling back in the day, mind…

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