2019 Raffle Prize Receiving Thread 🎁

Haha you haven’t seen inside.

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It’s just as brilliant, I’m gonna have it on my work desk :heart:


I’m glad it’s gone to a good home :smiley:

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The time has come

The most hotly-anticipated, fever-inducing, potentially controversial post on DiS of 2019

It’s time for me to reveal my £20 shop courtesy of @iamwiggy

Absolutely fuming with myself for going over by 2p, was so close to getting it bang on the £20.

I’m actually pretty skint this month so this really helped. Freelance cashflow does not care about Christmas.

I tried to ignore the fact I’d have to post this shop online so come at me, hold nothing back, let it rip.

  • Judge me for my single use-plastics and give me advice on how to secure some of these items without it. (the first reasonably priced supermarket that does tenderstem broccoli, pulses and nuts without plastic, I’ll be diving in headfirst)
  • Judge me and mock me for basically being vegan if it wasn’t for the essential sustenance provided by… a Reese’s chocolate bar. Moron no. 1 right here.
  • Come at me with recipes.
  • Assess my nutrition, what am I missing?!?! is poor nav getting enough iron/vitamin d/zinc etc
  • Salivate at how sparkly clean all of the glassware in my flat is about to be (no intention of cleaning anything other than some photography fractals)
  • marvel at that absolute fucking unit of a sweet potato. that lad cost more than a whole plastic bag full of them. could easily kill someone with that thing

If I get paid before xmas I’m going to re-re-reload this and do a £20 food bank haul instead, if your bank is looking comfy please consider checking if your local foodbank has a wishlist as this time of year can be particularly brutal for a lot of people.

IMG_1043 IMG_1044


Loving the inclusion of lentiles verts, truly a boss lentil choice


Not a connoisseur in the lentil market by any stretch, just couldn’t find any other green ones. Excited now

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The Tesco and Lidl near me seem to do bigger bags (350g ish) of tenderstem broccoli in plastic bags, rather than plastic trays. Only seem to be available about half the time though for no apparent reason

I thiiink it’s these?



It’s on offer at Tez at the moment and half the stock was in bags and the other in trays.

I roasted it with garlic.

I think until they sell it loose poor ol’ Nav is just going to have to settle for the far cheaper regular broc

i had to chuck that in for all my Ting soldiers living their best lives up and down the country


Ting is the absolute champion of soft drinks, I wish I had it on tap in my kitchen. I’d probably take that over hot water or beer or anything.

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yeah and 40p and only in the Caribbean section of the supermarket, it’s the Tesco equivalent of finding a secret chest in a videogame


When my wife was pregnant we drank so much Ting we actually depleted the stock in our local Tesco for a bit (I swear I am serious)


I always wonder why Tilda rice and tampons have the same packaging

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If I see there’s only 3 or 4 cans left best believe I’m emptying the shelf. They had full stock today so didn’t think I’d be able to get away with complaining about being skint and then buying 45 cans of Ting

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You would still have had £2 left over for veggies!

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anyone know how quickly you’d die if you lived off Ting & radishes?


definitely region-specific this, I reckon. this is brighton so once the Linda Macs go down to £1 it’s like battling for food supplies during an apocalypse.

i think avocados are probably a good shout too; i prefer to do my food shopping after 8:30-9pm because busy supermarkets are my idea of hell but at that time it’s very difficult to secure a good Avo.

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Here in Islington it’s usually quinoa.


keep reading this in Jack Whitehall’s voice