2019 retrospective - a year in trends

Billie Eilish
Pubs serving small plates and calling it tapas (arguably more a 2018 thing)

Any others?

I know what two of those things are, which is two more than I expected.

mate people have been making the billy joe joke every october for years now

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Pubs and plates?

I have heard of Billie Eilish and Lizzo. The rest of these ‘trends’ have not made it to Wiltshire

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Good to see that certain trends hit the provinces 5 years later.

Jackfruit (edit - shut up Hoogy)
Peaky Blinders
Fila clothes

Poke bowl

Jackfruit is 2017, maybe 2018 at a push. We definitely reached peak blinders this year though

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The Hoogy has become the Hoog-er.

Doing some fine work in marckee’s absence


Those were my two too.

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There was a big doughnut shop craze in Dublin last year or maybe longer ago and it’s been gradually gaining more and more traction in Belfast this year. Is this a thing everywhere else?

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Peaky Blinders for sure hit its Peak with that festival :neutral_face:
Everyone walking round in Adidas trackies like it was 1995(maybe later, maybe earlier?)

EDIT: FFS @Aggpass your punning was better and all.

I didn’t say anything!

A pub here that embarrassingly changed its name to Peaky Blinders last year and dressed its bouncers in waistcoats and flatcaps quietly changed back this year so I’m calling it that the Blinders have already Peaked


There’s one of these in Manchester that I first saw in 2019. If it opened earlier then I take it back

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Opened in December 2018. It changed its name yet I’m sure it got hit with an order to change its name?

Still the most embarrassing picture to ever appear in the MEN



I now live in walking distance of two doughnut places, which probably means my rent is gonna go up

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