2019 Rolling Hip-Hop Thread

Back for another year of talking about rap.

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I forgot to post my 2018 favourites! They’re
Denzel Curry - TA13OO
JID - DiCaprio 2
Mac Miller - Swimming
Vince Staples - FM!
21 Savage - i am > i was
Ski Mask The Slump God - Beware The Book Of Eli
Travis Scott - ASTROWORLD
Wifisfuneral - Ethernet

Amongst tracks from City Morgue, Cordae, Nahmir, Cole, Lil Skies, Meek, Metro, Brockhampton, Jay Rock, Earl, Carti, Rocky, Juice WRLD, Eminem, Gambino, Takeoff, Comethazine, Loyle Carner.

Roll on 2019. If his previous releases are anything to go by we should be due a Kendrick album this year?


Posted this in the other thread, but here’s my top 5. My favourite year for rap since lord knows when. Early 2000s probably.

Hermit and The Recluse - Orpheus vs The Sirens

Armand Hammer - Paraffin

Benny - Tana Talk 3

Roc Marciano - RR2 Bitter Dose

ELUCID - Shit Don’t Rhyme No More

Also liked,
Curly Castro - Tosh
Roc Marc - Behold a Dark Horse
scallops hotel - sovereign nose of (y)​our arrogant face
E L U C I D x Haj of Dumhi - No Edge Ups In Uganda
ANKHLEJOHN & Big Ghost - Van Ghost
Westside Gunn - Supreme Blientele
Knowledge the Pirate - Flintlock
Jean Grae & Quelle Chris - Everythings Fine
Elcamino - Elcamino
Mach Hommy - Duck CZN
Ralphiie Reese - Shyne Mosely II
Muggs and Roc Marc - KAOS
Rome Streetz and Farma - Street Farmacy
Nickelus F - STUCK
Pusha T - Daytona
Homeboy Sandman and Edan - Humble Pi
Earl - Some Rap Songs
Styles P & Dave East - Beloved
Smoovth and Giallo Point - Medellin II
Kenny Segal - happy little trees
Jeremiah Jae - Daffi


Surprise of the year had to be that BENNY album. Rubber Bands and Weight my most played track of 2018 and it only came out end of November.

damn I’ve been having a bit of a slow January other than still enjoying Earl and Bad Bunny so gonna have a pretty sincere plough through all of these. Nickelus F top priority

Best thread. Need to get more involved this year.

2018 favourites and some words:

1. Armand Hammer - Paraffin

Aside from Chairman in the post above, not really seen this getting much love. The beats, the rapping and just the whole mood of this album are perfect. It’s very dark but punctuated by the fact billy woods and Elucid are both hilarious.

Favourite track: I don’t even know as they’re all terrifying. Probably ‘Black Garlic’.

2. Hermit & the Recluse - Orpheus vs the Sirens

Ka is so reliable. Think he and this album has been covered a lot here, but like Paraffin, I really like the unique mood on this album.

Fave track: Golden Fleece

3. Key! - 777

Always a sucker for 1 rapper / 1 producer projects, and Kenny Beats has dominated all year. Love the versatility of the beats on this - goes from gospel samples to Atlanta trap to dense Memphis sounding keys seamlessly. Key is a really solid rapper too.

Fave track: Demolition 1+2 or Dig It

4. 03 Greedo - God Level / Wolf of Grape Street

Greedo was 2018 MVP by a distance imo. There was a point between these two projects dropping where I couldn’t listen to anyone else. Couldn’t really choose between these two projects (appreciate there’s like 60 songs here in total… maybe could use some quality control, but there really aren’t many duds). Love how Greedo uses his voice and layers it with auto tune, and the way he can find beautiful melodies in even the harshest beats. His verses constantly surprise me.

Fave tracks: Conscience, Street Life, Dibiasie, Substance, Run For Yo Life (Never Bend doesn’t count as it’s been out since 2017, but it’s still my most played rap song this year)

5. Mac Miller - Swimming

Full disclaimer: didn’t really get into Mac until this album as I had written him off as a college rapper after his early career. Hugely regret that now; he really had developed massively and his last few albums are such rewarding listens. You can hear the attention to detail on every song here — it sounds beautiful. Such a tragedy he’s gone.

Fave tracks: Ladders, Dunno

Also loved Earl’s album, the JID tape, Westside Gunn’s ‘Supreme Blientele’, SOBxRBE Gangin’ 1 & 2, Freddie Gibbs as Curren$y and Rico Nasty. Still a lot I haven’t heard…


enjoying this:


This is really damn good. Loved Denzel’s remix of R.I.P from a few months ago as well

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think Lord Apex is one of my favourite British rappers atm, his discography is already deep too

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Nice. Will check this. Don’t really chat much UK rap do we? My current favourite is probably Lee Scott. Also done a total u turn on Sonnyjim. Really like him now.

Ive always struggled to get heavily onboard with UK rap. I like a lot of grime and UK music but even a lot of the acclaimed UK rappers like Jehst, Klashnekoff, Roots Manuva I never got onto. Lord Apex is a bit of a revelation for me. I really like Ocean Wisdom too although almost all of the artists he collabs with pretty much embody why I don’t like UK rap.

Will check out Lee Scott and Sonnyjim.

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Really enjoying the Tree & Vic Spencer album. Whenever i listen to Tree I find it hard to listen to anything else for the rest of the day. Early favourite:

fyi @theShipment you’ve posted the 2018 Favourites playlist in the OP rather than 2019.

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That new Pitchfork article on Earl made me go back and spin the new album a few times and it’s really growing on me. Think it could become my favourite release of his given time.

Really like Vic Spencer. Need to delve a bit deeper into his catalogue. He did quite a cool project with Sonnyjim from Birmingham.

Obsessed with this track at the minute:


Yeah, I quite liked a lot of that UK stuff at the time, but got bored of it extremely quickly. Aside from Roots Manuva, most of it was just far too earnest and lacking any humour. Have been revisiting a bit of Task Force stuff recently and whilst I still love Farma’s beats, the subject matter is just so… dry. Graffiti, 4 elements, keeping it real type stuff - all totally po-faced.

good catch, here it is:

anyone know a mod that can fix it?

this album is so damn good.


Killer Mike has a new Netflix show I see. Anyone watching? Or is he still cancelled?

@moderators any chance you can replace the 2018 playlist link in the OP with the 2019 one in this post please?

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