2019 Rolling Hip-Hop Thread


Igor sounds really busy to Me atm, especially ‘boy is a gun’. ‘puppet’ also sounds pretty unpleasant


Few things I’ve been into lately:

Young Nudy & Pi’erre Bourne - Sl’imerre
Really, really loving this. The Pi’erre Bourne beats on this are so weird at points but sound incredible. Like Playboi Carti, Young Nudy isn’t exactly a technical rapper but his flow suits these beats. Some of the production reminds me of that early cloud rap stuff, just mixed better. Favourite so far:

Slauson Malone - A Quiet Farewell
One half of Standing in the Corner (producers massively influential in the NY + Earl scene) who have apparently broken up? Anyway, this is best listened to as a whole album. Loads of chopped samples and lazy rapping

This is a little old now but just want to post about DaBaby as he is probably the 2019 MVP so far. Guy has mad energy and his videos and bars are fucking hilarious.


Haven’t been listening to much hip hop lately, not sure if there’s been much out? been really enjoying this though:


That DaBaby tune is lit hahahahhah, also Pierre’s production is another level


Love Slauson Malone! This album is great.


Premier did a nice track with Benny, Conway and Westside Gunn.

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Someone hook this up to my veins.


Armand Hammer at Cafe Oto on August 31st.


Enjoying this kinda wonky stuff