2019 Rolling Hip-Hop Thread

Haven’t been listening to much hip hop lately, not sure if there’s been much out? been really enjoying this though:

That DaBaby tune is lit hahahahhah, also Pierre’s production is another level

Love Slauson Malone! This album is great.

Premier did a nice track with Benny, Conway and Westside Gunn.


Someone hook this up to my veins.

Armand Hammer at Cafe Oto on August 31st.


Enjoying this kinda wonky stuff

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so good

Anyone else enjoying the new Skepta?

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Not really. Konnichiwa a tough one to follow, especially when it had tracks like Shutdown and That’s Not Me that everyone was really familiar with beforehand, but it just feels flat. Beats a bit too smooth for my taste, not really into any of the guests. Prefer Skepta in 2008 mode.

Hot take. This is better than Black Thought’s freestyle.

That’s sad to hear but kind of what I expected. I’m really enjoying it but not really what most would call a proper grime fan so it probably makes sense


yeah I feel like success has gone to skepta’s head a bit because his raps are just mad boring now. watching him young and hungry is like two different artists

my hot take is that wiley’s classic westwood one is better than this


I’m liking it - it’s a smooth and fairly easy listen. Obviously missing the drama, dirt and hunger of the last - but no one can just pull a Shutdown or That’s Not Me out of the bag at will. I think because of the highs it’s easy to forget that, for a short album, Konnichiwa can be an inconsistent listen too.

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That’s all I want from any rap album, really. And Konnichiwa was way more than just those two tracks. Listened to Man on the way into work and had to rewind it twice. What a banger. Ladies Hit Squad and Numbers often get skipped, but the rest of that album is so on the money for me.

Fair shout. Guy is a freestyle savant, though.

fucking love the new Denzel Curry album