2019 Rolling Hip-Hop Thread

Fair shout. Guy is a freestyle savant, though.

fucking love the new Denzel Curry album


It’s really great - he’s mad talented. Also I’m enjoying reading the reviews and checking out some of the Miami rap the album references - it’s not really a scene I’ve explored before.

Reckon Speedboat is the catchiest rap song I’ve heard this year, but I love Ricky, Wish, Automatic and Shake 88. Think he’s close to “favourite rapper” territory with this album.

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Reports (some conflicting) that Bushwick Bill has passed away.

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Enjoying this UK rap playlist that Dummy made.

Just realised I posted this in the wrong thread earlier so here it is again lol

Love the production & can’t wait for the album

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This is good news: Punken was one of last year’s best records

Could do without that album artwork though

quite like that album artwork

Game sounding hungry

Just took a look at the tracklist for Bandana and now I’m unreasonably excited. There’s a track with Pusha T and Killer Mike, and another with Mos Def and Black Thought? Oh myyy. Singles are all great too.

Out this weeeeeeeeekkkk :fire: