2019 Rolling Hip-Hop Thread

Love it!

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Love the wave of people suddenly saying they think the beats are trash because of this :rofl:


Definitely my favourite UK rapper

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Yeah, appreciate you hipping me to him. Just the right amount of weirdness. Prefer High Stakes… to this new one but it’s still great. Love it when he’s in sketchbook mode - tracks sounding a bit half finished and just ending. Reminds me of Madlib in Quasimoto mode

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enjoyed this more than I thought I would. he’s got that classic slick rick flow on. not sure the beat for the first half needed re-airing though some beats are just too iconic

I’m liking the new Dreamville album. It’s nothing groundbreaking and sometimes there’s too many artists shoehorned into one song but it’s pretty enjoyable from start to finish nonetheless. Got the opening track on repeat:


(think embedded links are blocked)

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Yeah I’ve trimmed it a bit based on my needs, but it’s pretty enjoyable. Would love it if Cole could loosen up and snap like this a bit more on his solo albums, and over some more modern production.

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Agreed man, I don’t think his projects ever reach his potential but he shows glimpses of it here and there. Can’t wait to hear new albums from him and JID

Who’s excited about this new Nas album?!




…and that’s what they’ve chosen as the single.

The Lost Tapes was made when his skills were razor sharp but his creative/commercial decisions were a bit questionable. This sequel is culled from a period where he was well past his best (Hip Hop is Dead to Nasir). Was hoping for one or two classic tunes buried in there but even skeptical of that now

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