2020-10-28 Wednesday not Tuesday Ella you silly goose (Morning)

Morning troops. It’s well windy out innit. I’m having a can of supermarket sludge in bed before sleepy time, and I’ll hopefully get some heating oil delivered later if the ferries run. What does Wednesday have in store for you?

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I’m confused. It’s Wednesday right??

We are going home. Might then bomb over to work to collect my laptop which I forgot last week.


You are absolutely right. Must be 'cos I started work on Tuesday so still think it’s Tuesday? Yet I typed Wednesday in the post. I dunno. I need some sleep :upside_down_face:

@moderators, if anybody fancies altering the thread title to the correct day that might cause less confusion amongst the general populace. Thank you in advance for correcting my foul up.

And so to bed.



Thanks Funky! Didn’t know you had the power to do that. This silly goose bids you all night night :slight_smile:


Shattered lads.

Morning everyone. First day back at work after a fortnight off, but I’ve been to the gym already so feeling all set for a nice nap before logging in.



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Just had a grilled cheese sandwich for breakfast with coffee so my day has peaked :neutral_face:

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Gonna go buy some vimto or ribena

Got out of bed the wrong side again this morning.

I say got out of bed the wrong side, but it’s easily explained by the fact the Jimbo is still getting up waaaay too early and yet again it’s muggins here who’s getting up with him.

We’ve got friends from out of town around today, so pub lunch. At least that’s something to look forward to.

Greetings from Hoogy HQ

I’ll be here all day, every day


Morning. I’m drinking coffee and reading my book as part of my fake commute from the bedroom to my desk.


The hot water supply is broken. I am grumpy.

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drinking tea and reading dis to simulate my fake commute from my bedroom to my bedroom where my desk also is.


my work area is also my bedroom:

  • yes
  • no

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honestly reckon i’d do okay in prison

Reckon I’d get passed around like currency


Feeling preeeetty proud of myself for making a box of maple and pecan crisp cereal last a whole week :medal_sports: :trophy: