2020 albums hype

May as well start up a thread now as new album announcements are gathering pace. Currently there’s:

The Big Moon (January)
Field Music (January)
Isobel Campbell (January)
Pet Shop Boys (January)
Halsey (January)
Green Day (February)
The 1975 (February)
Weezer (May)


The Smashing Pumpkins - Shiny and Oh So Bright Volume 2 (not sure exactly when yet)

The Family Crest - The War Act II (or Part II?)
Green Carnation
King’s X (double album, Winter/Spring)
Ours - Spectacular Sight III
Pain of Salvation
The Polyphonic Spree - Salvage Enterprise
Protest the Hero
Psychotic Waltz
Pure Reason Revolution



Ha, yeah I was going to post that, though I feel like knowing The Avalanches this is more like 2027 album hype

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La roux seems to be gearing up for a new album, I really liked her last album so quite excited for a new one.

I thought it would be out by now because she was working with Dan Carey before the Kate Tempest album was even started but an instagram wipe is normally a sign of a new album:



Heard it’s coming out the same day as Day For Night and the Machina reissue :wink:

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Looks like Death In Vegas have got an album finished. Loved their last album ‘Transmission’ so am looking forward to hearing something new.


Would be good, six years since the last one next year!


On Instagram. Track list for the new Avalanches Album??

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Reads much more like a verse then a tracklist to me

Looks like a verse to me but, the way the amount they are posting on instagram about this suggests that something is alot closer to happening than it ever was suggested during the period between the last two albums.

You’re probably right.

Holy Fuck album due in January. Recent single is great




Are we allowed to speculate? I remember reading once that Fleet Foxes were contractually obliged to drop another LP “within 24 months” of their last one, which was June 2017 - so must be building up to something soon? God that last one was great.

OMG no fucking way!

I thought she was gone forever. Trouble in Paradise is near PERFECT. And I didn’t even rate the debut.

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