2020 DiS Secret Santa MIXTAPE Swap (not Secret Santa, mixtape Santa!)

Hey all! Some of us enjoyed putting together a single CD (with packaging) of our favourite releases of 2020 for anonymous sending to others in the thread. Appreciating that not everyone has a CD burner or might not wish to receive contaminated music, options are:

  • CD in the post
  • Single continuous mix mp3 + virtual art
  • Compilation mix mp3 of tagged (with track numbers) + virtual art

Cover art is mandatory (but no talent is required / expected).

If you wish to take part, please post a line from a Christmas Carol in this thread. Failing that, just say you’re in. I will confirm participants on 11th December. Deadline for second class posting is the 18th!

I think given the complexity of Covid and everything else, we can’t mandate a physical mix, but if you’re happy to RECEIVE a mix, please include a message as such in your PM to me and I’ll try and pair like with like.

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Up for this but need to check my blank CD and printer ink situation

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HangINg up my stockINg on the wall

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dINg dong merrily on high…

Once IN royal David’s city.

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Hark! The Herald Angels sINg

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Once IN royal daaaaaaaavid’s city!

I’ve actually been thinking about posting one of these for the last week but I’ve glad you’ve done it @funkycow

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I would be up for this but I’ve no longer got the capacity to burn a physical CD. I’m not sure about the technical requirements to make the mp3 formats. How would you do that from an Apple Music or Spotify playlist?

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If you can get the files and have a pc, just get mp3tag (it’s free, Mp3tag - the universal Tag Editor (ID3v2, MP4, OGG, FLAC, ...)) and use that to change the album title and track numbers. If you want to mix it, download audacity (it’s free) and the LAME encoders (they’re free). If you are an Apple user, I have no idea (and I’m not on the Spotify)…hopefully someone else can help on that?

It would have to be an Apple based solution for me unfortunately. If anyone has a suggestion that is not beyond my limited technological abilities I’ll opt in, otherwise I’ll have to give it a miss,

Are you using itunes? I used to burn discs from that all the time. You just create a playlist, stick em in the right order, right click on the playlist and select Burn. Very easy.

What’s the number of tracks allowed or duration of CD please?

I tend to fill up the full CD when we do these, which is like 80 minutes? usually around 20 tracks, depending on track length.

i like the idea of making a much more concise mix as asking someone to listen to that many songs can feel a bit much, but i tend to get carried away and want to include everything. we’ll see if i manage it this year.


Audacity as above works on a Mac, and I’m also pretty sure you could do this in GarageBand. You would have to have your own digital files though - you won’t be able to use things you only stream

Now I think about it, I’m sure you can do the continua mix option in GarageBand, but if you wanted individually tagged tracks it would have to be Audacity. I do this every so often for other mixtape swaps, so if you want any detailed help just message me

What IcSmic says below!

Multinational corporations, genocide of the starving nations!*

(*from Napalm Death’s Singalongachristamas record)

in for this, would prefer to make / receive digital this year, but can do physical if numbers need balancing up.

Think a maximum length / number of tracks as raised above is a good idea if digital is in play this year, as otherwise I will do a four hour mix and no one wants that.

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Yep, one cd’s worth, ie up to 80 mins and not a second over. That’s normally the rules…



And more generally:

God Rest Ye Merry GentlemIN

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