2020 favourite Compilations/Reissues/E.P.s/Live Albums etc

Last few years I’ve found the compilation aoty lists really good for discovery; for whatever reason I just don’t generally find many good comps myself.

Having said that I do have a few gems from this year:

A Little Night Music: Aural Apparitions from the Geographic North
The Harry Smith B-Sides
Tokyo Dreaming

Not generally that into live albums but really loved Suzanne Ciani’s A Sonic Womb and Sarah Davachi’s Figures in Open Air.

Might pitch in with reissues etc if anyone else is ineterested in this stuff.

Some heavy hitters in the ambient realm off the wonderful Past Inside the Present label, released one of my favs of last year. Gorgeous atmospheric lush ambient.

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Live Album of the Year for me is the Eat Lights Become Lights one.

Reissues of the Year for me are:
Steve Wynn - Decade cd box set
The Fall - Imperial Wax Solvent
The Distractions - Nobody’s Perfect

EP of the Year is probably Penelope Trappes’ Eel Drip.

Single of the Year is Tomorrow Syndicate’s Populous.

I don’t think I’ve bought any compilations this year.


Love PT

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Holy Fawn - The Black Moon EP

If this were a full length of the same style and quality instead of three songs, it would be an early album of the decade contender. Heavy, dreamy, beautiful, cold blackgaze / post-rock / shoegaze (not sure what to call them) with clean vocals. The third song Blood Pact is one of the few best of the year.


Portray Heads reissue on Minimal Wave

Obscure 80s Japanese industrial pop


Various Artists- Black Riot: Early Jungle, Rave, and Hardcore
Arab Strap- The Summer Has Ended: Tascam Demos 1995
Against All Logic- 2017-2019

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Gotta be this for me: Valium Agelein - The Black Moon (AKA - Duster - [who imo are the kings of slowcore along with bedhead])

1998 reissue +15 tracks, albeit largely instrumental, still awesome.

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MAH played Candy on 6 music the other day - sounded amazing. Think she said the LP is due early next year?

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Girl Band live album was immense

(even better because i was there obv)

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I haven’t been able to find anything, that’s great news to hear. If the EP is any indication it might even somehow be better than Death Spells.


zazou bikaye, reissued by crammed discs…
Le Menteur (Mokosi) - YouTube

This is a really good round up imo

Really into the new Deafheaven album which will surprise no one.

They were meant to tour this set this year, airing some of the tracks they’ve played less on previous tours. Obviously Covid put halt to that so they recorded it live in the studio. Really shows off why they’re one of the best live acts around at the moment in my humble opinion. Here’s to the next 10 years!


latest volume of a v good compilation series of new Irish music, featuring the likes of: Silverbacks, Junk Drawer, Paddy Hanna’s side project Autre Monde, a new side project by Dara from Girl Band (Fifty Years of Hair), Grave Goods who are made up members of PINS, September Girls and Girls Names, and lots of other good stuff.

second volume of Cherrystones Critical Mass archival compilation of obscure post-punk from around the world


Bandcamp list. A couple there for me to check out for sure

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I have high hopes for this one which is out on Friday:

Fingers crossed Monorail have snuck it in the post early for me.

I looked at that after seeing it in the Rough Trade list and realized they’d done the classic RT aoty for a not yet released album thing.

Thing is I love some of Bob’s comps but not all so it’s a pretty expensive punt. Will try and check it out though for sure.

Will probably come back to this thread as I remember more, but the first that come to mind are:

La Locura de Machuca - wild collection of Colombian dance music from the seventies.
Strum and Thrum - collection of obscure American indie bands from the eighties
Kaleidoscope- a Soul Jazz collection of current British jazz

I, Jonathan by Jonathan Richman
The XTC reissues especially Nonsuch and Skylarking
The Chris and Cosey reissues, especially Exotica

Bound to be loads more when i’ve had a think.