2020 Filth Review

Only 5 more Thursdays left in this car crash of a year.

How’s your filth been in 2020? Any changes in your ‘activities’ (good/bad) due to recent circumstances?

Overshare now.

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Single since March and mostly in lockdown since. So you can probably guess.



More sex than I expected to have (cos of the COVID) but overall down vs previous years


2020: a victory for lovers of daytime sex everywhere

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Wanking From Home

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occurs to me only now that i’ve taken things into my own hands vastly less this year

I wish I could say the same. On the one hand (no pun etc.) I have had significantly less actual sex, but on the other WFH has given me an inordinate amount of time thinking about it…

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i’d love to say my reasons were from just having too much gosh darn real sex, but it’s just as much the monotony of this year’s routine and existence which has meant i just think ‘ah, what’s the point.’

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Last year was by far my most varied and filth filled. This year my least for a good few years.

It’s been lacking


Hilariously my love life is the best it has ever been, which illustrates how stratospherically uneventful my love life has been thus far

Otherwise, I have been a prolific solo artist throughout 2020

i’m reminded of a pal with kids who sent me a meme thing saying “there might well be a spate of new pregnancies this year, but not anyone who already has kids”


Jan - March: normal
April - Sept: almost 100% sex
Oct - present: lost all interest in sex and also everything else

Absolutely nothing in 2020 apart from a stolen long weekend in September, which was so good on the filth front (and every other front) that I’m now having dangerous daydreams about the future - which I really need to can as I suspect he wants kids. if he didn’t want kids I’d be annoyed for him because I think he would be a world class dad and his kid would be unbelievably adorable.

God I wish I could hurry up our next liaison (probably 4+ months away because of the fecking virusssss)

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Think my virginity has grown back


Aye, basically. Can probably count on one hand the amount of sexy times we’ve had this year. Which is fine obviously as we’ve got a lovely baby out of one of those occasions



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:smiley: was gonna say the other hand is busy