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new year new thread

got any goals?

1000 miles running
Sub 3:15 round the marathon in April then crack on with trails and ultras maybe

that sounds like a lot to me. how many did you manage last year?

1000km. So just an extra 600 or so


Lose more than 2lbs December to December.


Lose three stone


Be more focused with the weights instead of just turning up and doing whatever.

Sort out my eating instead of thinking the gym will cancel out all the junk food.

Still want to find some kind of sporting event/challenge to work towards as motivation.

But basically ending the year better than I start it will be a win.


I also want to lose 3 stone, really sort out my eating habits, do some kind of exercise that isn’t walking to and from work, and start playing squash again.


:mountain: reach 100 munros by EOY
:swimming_man: do an open water swim
:biking_man: get to 4w/kg by end of summer :grimacing: (think eating like fuck over xmas may have fucked that one though)

do a triathlon? yeah, why not


lose 3 stone.

Maybe we should have a ‘losing 3 stone’ club.



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misread this as 100 metres :smiley:

stretch goals

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no real goals but i’ve settled into a nice routine now which i actually enjoy doing which is run to gym, workout, run home. currently it’s about 20 minute run on the way and usually pretty battered on my way back so the run home suffers. would like to get it to a level where i’m running 5k to the gym and then still having enough energy left to jog home after.

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I chose 3 stone cause I weighed myself this morning and it was a round number (20st) and I reckon 17 stone is the least I can be without starting to look gangly and awkward and I want to turn a lot of my fat into muscle rather than just lose it.

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Would also join the losing three stone club


you don’t all have to pick the same number

other numbers are available


Lets see… 1 pound loss a week
14 pounds in a stone
14 x 3 = 42
3 stone is doable in 42 weeks.
10 weeks to put it all back on over Christmas

  • SI units only. all weights in kg / all distance in km
  • chaos with ed miliband

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