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Make sure you warm up before the stretches before the run. If you have a history of sore hamstrings, then it might be worth doing a few core exercises targeting those areas a couple of times a week.

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Week 1 of Lockdown II

Started running on Monday, doing 3k, increasing every day by 0.5k ending up with 5k this morning. The plan is to go up to 6k next week (the same daily distance as during Lockdown I). Still going up 8 flight of stairs at the end as well. No running at the weekend this time.

Total distance run: 20k


Should we set up a new, separate running thread?

  • Yes, split it out
  • No, keep it all in the fitness thread

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Think it’s cool to have running chat in here but there’s enough serious runners to warrant its own thread?

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Yeah we generally have a standalone thread but the thread starter had their account deleted so the thread went with them. I’ll set a new one up

Ah someone’s already done it :slight_smile:

I’ll stop running as soon as swimming pools and football pitches reopen.

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Done pretty much the same but a stone rather than two stone

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@keith go to the gym

Hello xylo. I’m once again at week 3 of the hundred press-ups program which I saw you mentioning in one of these threads time ago. Gonna do it this time but by fuck it gets tough. Decided that now I can happily do them without dying I’d go for the intermediate program. Really feel good afterward but the last set are shaky red faced sweary messes.

What should I add into this routine to get myself pull up ready at the most minimal cost? (Have never been able to do them and am desperate to become a home pull up wanker)

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I have failed both you and @leafy.

I really couldn’t arsed last night and we’ve got plan tonight so I’ll aim for tomorrow (but probably Sunday),

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Do you have a pull up bar for the home sorted out at the mo?

I’ll remind you Sunday then :pouting_cat:

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Yes I do

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If you have a gander at links from the push-up site you’ll in fact find there’s a pull-up variant :o

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And this site has a bunch of things (timed hangs are particularly good for getting used to the feeling of pull-ups)

This is fantastic thank you :pray:t4:

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So it transpires that whilst I said it was my hamstrings that were aching, it was actually my calves.

Thanks again though. I’ll be sure to keep going and be careful with my stretches.

Week 2 of Lockdown II

Continued to run every weekday, and have now reached the maximum daily distance of 6k. Remarkably, every run so far has been without rain. A dog did try to snap at my ankles though, unsuccesfully.

Total distance run: 48k


I just turned around to put my phone down behind me while on the exercise bike and my lower back spasmed painfully. I’m finishing my cycle and only feeling a bit of pain if I jerk my body to either side

  • Do a stretching routine
  • Just have a hot shower
  • I don’t know I’m not a chiropractor!
  • Do the 20 minute ab workout you were planning to do

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