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Yeah I need to find something. My mum has an old exercise bike she’s offered me on the past. So I think I’ll finally accept it. I’ve got some old dumbells and might get a kettle ball too.

But gym with my headphones was always an escape.

I do have loads of open countryside around here, so disappearing into that will help.

Also my gym has sent some online fitness videos which will be useful.

There’s probably going to be a lot of people who don’t go in this thread but want to get involved with home exercise, is it worth having a new lockdown fitness thread or should we keep using this one?

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No more using the lift (I live on the 8th floor) unless I have too much to carry.


Yeah, I just had a bit of a cry because I already miss climbing. It sorts me out like nothing else. Did a kettlebell workout and a bit of yoga earlier and it did nothing but make me sore.

Seems such a silly thing, but I really depend on climbing and couldn’t imagine suddenly not being able to (unless I got injured or something).

got a text off puregym saying they’re closed (obviously) but that they will stop taking payment automatically too

nice move


did you start one btw? couldn’t spot it

just used the kettlebells there for the first time in anger. not as easy as they look! there’s definite a bit of technique involved to stop them destroying your forearms

Did yoga this morning! Made me feel 10 x better

Running on Monday!!!

Better Gyms have automatically frozen all memberships and doing home workout videos via their app. Pretty good. I think they’re looking after permanent staff, but the guy who does the HIIT class and runs our gym WhatsApp group is part time so won’t be.

He’s in a pretty crap place financially so is proposing an outdoor thing - no equipment and everyone well spaced apart. I’d love to go as I really want to help him out (and selfishly just want to exercise). Unsure what to do… 7-8 people doing push-ups and that in a big park - bad?

Just made one but I’m on mobile and can’t link it for some reason

@sadpunk is currently winning the home gym competition

I’m going to miss running up to the 4th floor everytime I need the loo at work :pensive:
Might replace it with squats. 15 each go, maybe?

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You could alternate with a 30-60second wall sit every time you go


Oh yeah, great shout! Those wall sits KILL, can’t wait :muscle:

Everyone Active have now frozen theirs as well, or given the option of leaving them open and they’ll donate 50% to the National Emergencies Trust, which seems a good system on the face of it (assuming the other 50% is going to wages etc)

at first i thought freezing the fees was nice of them, but the cynical part of me is thinking it’s probably a calculated business decision to retain more customers.

if gyms just left membership fees ticking over then most people would have just cancelled, and i guess they were worried that not many people would re-join when they eventually reopen. this way they can retain far more members and it will cost them about the same.



I dunno, they’re not ripping anyone off though are they? It’s fair enough to assume they’d want people to stay members, would be more cynical to make people apply to get it cancelled (like TFL did) knowing there’s a possibility a lot of people wouldn’t bother

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Better are a not-for-profit gym (part of GLL) so I just assume their intentions are good, but honestly I have no idea. I know the local schools use the facilities and they are really cheap compared to other chains. I had no intention of cancelling as I wouldn’t want to see the old leisure centre close and end up as either flats or a privately run gym.


Actually this seemed to have spiralled and loads of people are going. So going with ‘bad’. Kettlebells 6Music it is.

Went for my first run (+ 8 flights of stairs x 2) this morning. Took about 25 mins. Very knackered now but in a good way.

Ran through backstreets to avoid traffic and other people. Very few people about, only a handful of dog walkers. Saw one other jogger.

The plan is to do this every morning, before breakfast.


So on top of everything else recently I found out I have a hernia so my GP adviser against anything strenuous activity. But I’m climbing the walls a bit not being able to exercise.

Does anyone have any recommendations for light exercises I can do at home? YouTube links even better. Thanks!