2020 Health & Fitness

There’s some ideas in this thread

Pilates and yoga would be my recommendations for gentle but effective workouts, then if you want something more intense then barre can be an absolute killer on the legs without necessarily involving your core

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Oh God, they’re doing it again this evening and someone is bringing along a load of cookies that they made!

Obviously I just didn’t reply because I’m spineless.

That was silly. RIP me :dizzy_face:


4hrs :grimacing:

how’s the arse?

My arse wants a divorce


I need to unlock the Alpe du Zwift


Strava says the record for that route (Four Horsemen) is 2h 25. Surely gotta be some weight doping going on there

How close are you to level 12? It’s a grand climb, and a great route for FTP testing as well. Got my “5 times up AdZ” badge on this run.

how much left to get the tron bike?

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20,700m to go. FFS

Today was perfect outdoors weather but I’m still in quarantine so :man_shrugging:

Started my daily run regime exactly a week ago and so far have managed to go out every day, before breakfast. Planning to increase the distance from tomorrow.

Not as enjoyable as playing football but it’ll have to do for now. The real killer is climbing 8 flights of stairs after each run though.

You could do that bit at the start, get it out of the way.

Using the lift to go up or down is banned for the time being.

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Previously on me getting healthy…

Lost over a stone last year and a bit so far this year.
Hopefully lose a few more lbs.


You need to stop scribbling on your graphs. It makes reading the data difficult.

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going on my first post-COVID run tomorrow

it will be

  • very gratifying
  • rather torturous

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during = torturous
after = gratifying

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Depends when your last run was. If it was like 2 weeks ago you’ll think it’s going to be shit but you’ll still be just as fit and well rested and it’ll be surprisingly easy and great.
If it was like 4 weeks ago it’ll be minging during but you’ll feel good for it after

Also do you mean post-COVID in terms of you’ve had it, or post-COVID in terms of the whole situation? Hope you’re recovering ok if it’s the former!

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