2020 Health & Fitness

the former, but my (suspected) symptoms were very mild

That’s good. Take it easy as you might find yourself puffing hard. It’s always good having a run or something after you’ve been ill as it gives you a good sense of your recovery and helps ‘blow it out’ (probably not a technical/medical thing)

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yeah I’m very lenient on myself as a runner at the best of times, absolutely no chance of me ever overdoing it :smiley:

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Did a 5k run every weekday last week and have done 6k every weekday this week. Not sure how good an idea it as as I definitely struggled from cumulative fatigue/soreness today




Ready for a race up Alpe du Zwift. Particularly proud of the cat tower repurposed as a hydration stand


Completed another week of daily pre-breakfast runs. This morning was the first time without a single break, thanks to the lack of traffic in the backstreets of Islington.

Increasing the distance again tomorrow.


just did a pretty good weighted backpack workout, in addition to the bodyweight stuff I usually do. chest press, rows, ‘kettlebell’ swing, overhead press, lunges. not as comfortable as using proper equipment but still :man_shrugging:

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I forked out for a paid HIIT timer app. Such a simple thing but really makes a difference not having to fart about with the timer on my phone or watch.

got a pull up bar in my kitchen now

will let you all touch my arms at the next meet i come to if you like


Do these need to be screwed into the wall? How secure are they?

doesn’t need to be screwed in, has a counterweight thing and can apparently hold up to 120kg. didn’t really trust it at first but feels pretty strong

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Funny looking out my window and seeing loads of people on my street doing home workouts in their back gardens. Some guy a few doors down has a bench and barbell with all the plates and that. Pretty jels.

Can I draw a cat on your arm please?

Yes please

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Thanks! Can’t wait :blush::cat:

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Something to really look forward to.

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One of the flats I look out to (see daily threads) has a roof terrace. They’ve installed a rowing machine and a full-size boxing punch bag.

I hope they’re a safe distance apart. once at the gym we were doing a rowing relay race and a guy slipped off the back of the rower into a boxing bag. While he was climbing back on the bag swung back and knocked him off the rowing machine a second time! It was very funny.

I miss the gym


I miss the gym so much :slightly_frowning_face:. I miss flipping the giant tyre over and over and making a racket.