2020 Health & Fitness

That’s the danger with them is they put out so many nice prints that theres always one you’ll like. I usually request them as birthday/christmas pressies.


That’s a good idea, I’ll add some more to my christmas list. The POWER20 is only valid for first orders, sorry. It just told me after I put it in.

My emails have confirmed I’m an official Sweaty Betty too.

Wor Lass is back at work this week and I thought she’d appreciate the gift.

Thanks for the codes!


First gym session in 6 months this morning. Went through 7 or 8 upper body exercises to see where I’m at. Not too far off weights wise but my grip and general core/spine strength is noticeably very weak.

Really pleased to be back though and at 8am in a massive gym there was maybe ten other people in the place - pretty happy safety wise, better than being in Tesco. Stay tuned for tomorrow’s update where I can’t lift my arms up.


Be super careful - I fucked my back not realising how much I’d weakened, not even through anything heavy, just 10kg dumbbell pressing :’(

Yep, not doing anything too crazy, my PT was just getting a rough idea of where I’m at. Will have to be very careful on things like deadlifts for a while until my whole body gets used to it.

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Yeah I felt miles safer in a big empty gym with people sanitising everything than I did doing food shopping for my parents in their local Asda where more than half the people were milling about without masks on and a guy was constantly clearing his throat

Haven’t been back in the past week as I’m trying to keep at least 5 days between gymming and staying with my parents (despite what I just wrote) but I’m off on an extremely socially distanced week away in a cabin in the woods next week so I’m gonna go on Froday when I’m back from their house and I’m really looking forward to it, it’s crazy how important squatting with a bunch of metal on my shoulders is for my sense of self but there you go

My body has been a sore, stiff, inflexible mess during lockdown so I’m so keen to get back to it now. I feel like the time away might help me be a bit more focused in improving this time as well.

:crossed_fingers: the gyms don’t get shut again

Wor Lass is a lucky gal!! Good job keith!

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I went to yoga in a studio for the first time on Sunday. Felt pretty safe, spaced out, only 15 people in a big room.

But fuck me!! I am IN PAIN. A couple of planks and downward dogs have killed my arms/chest/upper body.


It’s so deceptive! Straight afterwards I never really feel like I’ve done anything too strenuous, but then that very much changes the day after! I shouldn’t be so cocky with it :smile:

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Got my first online PT session over lunchtime (I’m alternating 30 minute HIIT sessions and 30 minute weights throughout the week in the hope I won’t get bored, as I so often do).

She already got in touch over the weekend to make sure I actually went and collected my weights from Argos, so I don’t think I’m going to be allowed to start slacking which is EXACTLY what I need. Going to take my measurements too and keep a log from week to week as a bit of encouragement, well, I hope anyway!

Exactly “ohh a nice little bit of stretching”

next day: CAN’T LIFT MY ARMS WHAT HAPPENED :laughing:

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I don’t think she knows quite how lucky she is. I’m some catch.




Week 39
14 hours/ 14 games
20 goals
1 injury

Wor Lass loves her new leggings.


Have done nothing all week but just managed to smash out 2 workouts in a row so I didn’t break my streak! :muscle:
(at least 2 workouts a week, 24 weeks since downloading the fit on app)

Kinda feel like I might puke now though :nauseated_face:

Week 39
15 hours/ 15 games
23 goals
1 goal I said I wouldn’t claim but have claimed

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Just hit 1000 miles cycled this year.