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oh hello, it’s me and beer

What do you want to do with the kettlebells is probably the key question.

These are almost exactly my pre lockdown stats too. I was (and am still) using a 16kg for swings, goblet squats and rows (sometimes up to 20kg) then I used an 8-10 for single arm stuff.

My honest opinion would be to go for the 12 (and even maybe a 16) for home use. If we’re that similar in stats I know 8-10 would be way too light for swings and squats for me and you’d probably outgrow it after a week.


Cheers for all the advice guys, think I’ll get an 8 and a 16 as it sounds like I might outgrow a 12 but it might be too heavy for some of the stuff I could be doing now like single arm stuff and lifting overhead


I think the 16 might seem tough for a week or two but you’ll probably get more worth out of it in the long run

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Anywhere good for buying weight plates? Got a dumbbell and bar kit off gumtree and its good but can only go up to 9kg on each dumbbell or 30kg total on the bar so need some more plates at some point. #mass #gains

Can the bar support more weight?

Be careful about the hole size as it can vary.

Don’t know about weights but I got a 50kg bar and bell set from Argos for £50 in March.

After this shock revelation I lost just over a stone in September.

Then I ditched the walking in October and have been going for two runs a day (pretty fucking slowly) for a combined 10k or so. Had a couple of days off at the weekend. Haven’t been eating more. Weighed myself this morning and had put on 1kg! Fucking bodies eh?

Yeah max load is 160kg on the big bar. And all the bars are 28mm. Will probably just keep a regular eye on gumtree and grab some second hand ones when they come up

That’s pretty normal. You’ll have gained muscle really quickly in your legs if you haven’t done much running before

To be fair I had run at least one mile (in total) in the last decade.

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Week 41
19 hours/ 19 games
27 goals
1 hour of illegal football

Absolutely no way I’m making it to fifty games this year.

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This came up as a sponsored post on Instagram a while back and have given it a go a couple of times. Guaranteed sore thighs for 3 days.

this has worked well for me before. Yoghurt with jam mixed in, or with some tinned peaches/pineapple etc. Or an oatcake with some Nutella - obviously not healthy, but pretty sure its better than a cookie and you definitely don’t want to eat 3 in 10 minutes in the same way

Also dark choc generally, again a couple of pieces will scratch the itch for me, whereas I could easily put away a whole 100g of Dairy Milk without blinking

I’ve joined the gym again.

Third one-month membership in two years and I went twice in the first two.

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Dunno how much ypu normally enjoy the gym but man I wasted so much time going there and hating every minute of it. So much wish I had given running a proper go earlier. First few weeks were pretty rough but now actually look forward to it. Just fits in easier to family life too… interesting to see how much I keep it up when the weather is regularly really grim.

I suppose everyone just needs to find what works for them. Wish it was still football for me but my chocolate ankles are just too unreliable.

I don’t enjoy running in the gym but I absolutely hate road running.

The treadmills seem to be better for my knees and I don’t get as bored. I also like being able to sit on a bike or rowing machine if I want to.

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Vital stats update

Games played: 33 (W13 D5 L15)
Total on-pitch time: 29 hrs 10 mins
Goals scored: 10
Current knee-ouch: medium

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Week 42
19 hours/ 19 games
27 goals

Football Replacement Service
1 gym visit
45m treadmill/ bike

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Week 42
19 hours/ 19 games
27 goals

Football Replacement Service:
2 gym visits
90m treadmill/ bike
5m of being there before I started thinking about going home.

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Really enjoyed being back swimming and at the gym tbh

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