2020 Health & Fitness

keeping at it, slow progress after having a bad back for a month. so not much weights and more bodyweight and yoga than normal but it’s working gradually. think dreams of being shredded feel much further away now sadly!

what do people wear running when the weather’s like this?
would wear shorts and a t shirt but i have to cycle to the place that I run from and I hate cycling in the cold

this is why people get them leggings i reckon


I got a couple of slim fit joggers from M&S in the sale the other week which are a half way house between normal joggers and leggings. I like them but they don’t seem to exist anymore.

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found a base top layer in my wardrobe! bought it from decathlon about 5 years ago, reckon it’s been worn twice

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got a blood test back today as i was worried about tiredness last week, all good although my cholesterol is a bit high. been trying to improve my diet for a while now but i’ve only made small changes and continued eating plenty of crap, will try to make some more substantial changes now and exercise a bit more - i walk a lot and i’m a fast walker but i’m gonna have to start making an effort to go jogging or something aren’t i. could join a gym but i feel a bit iffy about going to one at the minute with everything going on.

still getting bouts of lightheadedness though and i can’t tell if it’s from a) the cold i’m getting over atm, b) covid? :confused: c) an ear infection - i’ve had a stuffy ear for months without any further symptoms but could be something that’s worsening, d) anxiety - i do get a bit of a suspicion that i’m bringing it on myself by thinking about it? but can’t be sure, or e) something else entirely. will follow up with my GP tomorrow.

Running tights. They’re really good and make my bum look ace. got some nike ones on sale at m&m a few years ago that are properly great but I think their RRP is ridiculous

My cycling mileage has dropped drastically since summer - thanks a bunch, new job - and my peak fitness started plummeting after a month. Still had decent stamina (easily managing 80+ mile rides) but my peak power was way down. Slowly been trying to fit cycling back into my very variable routine, with gradually improving results. Did well (relative to my expectations!) in a couple of virtual races recently; today I got home from work at 2245, felt all bouncy and full of beans so tried going full steam up a long climb in Zwift. Started hard and felt good so kept ramping up the power, and ended up holding an average of 4.2 W/kg for the 22ish minute climb. Out of nowhere I’ve equalled my best ever 20-minute performance - going to do more late night cycling I think :smiley:

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Back squats at the gym for first time since March. Managed 2 reps at my PB weight. Literally haven’t done any kind of squats since March. I’ve always massively struggled with back squats as well :woman_shrugging:

Seriously, the secret to weights is spending 6 months bulking with chocolate


irked at the mo. if i flex i’m captain muscles. if i don’t i am a rake. that’s it. somehow hiding all evidence of inshapeness inside, like a pointless tardis.

You’re a grower, not a shower, then.

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My nipples are a warzone.


yes. AND with my muscles.

I’m about to start couch to 5k. I haven’t run for three years. @pervo how are you getting on with it?

First run was tougher than I thought it would be. I walked one of the running intervals and finished early for two or three of the others. I ended up walking an additional 3k walking to and from the running path. I feel good for doing it though and want to get better.

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:eyes: i got a little bit distracted from my health kick by eating disgustingly and working on applications, and my ankle was still weirdly wobbly, but i’m hoping i get a new job soon and can snap out of it

That’s understandable. If you do fancy starting back up and would like to encourage each other the offer is there, but no pressure of course.

I hope things get better soon. :hugs:


Thanks - that would be great! I just got offered an interview at a market leading company where the role is like, perfectly tailored to my skills and experience but also a step up and more what i’d like to be doing… :crossed_fingers: !!!


It’s alllll over for me now these are readily available…