2020 Health & Fitness

Woohoo! That’s amazing! :crossed_fingers:

These do it for me:


I’m a far scrawnier guy with muscles, I like to think of myself as ‘surprisingly toned’.

Except the belly, which is either a six-pack or a kangaroo stuffed with a family-sized christmas turkey. It’s the only place I put on weight.

same, and currently i’ve put on a lot of weight there.

probably a good thing to concentrate it one place although i feel a bit out of proportion

Week 42
19 hours/ 19 games
27 goals

Football Replacement Service:
3 gym visits
120m treadmill/ bike

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So much for me measuring myself every fortnight but oh well. At the end of a 4 week (ish) program my overall stats are:

Hips: -1.5 inches overall
L calf: -0.5 inches overall
R calf: same
L thigh: -1 inch overall
R thigh: -1.5 inches overall
Waist: -1 inch overall
Chest : same
Arms: same

I know they’ve all come down a bit but I’m a bit dejected tbh. I don’t know how many HIIT workouts and stuff like that I can put up with at the best of times, let alone when it doesn’t seem to me making a huge difference :woman_shrugging:

I was talking to a friend last night and have realised my attention span for stuff like this is 2 weeks - and if either it doesn’t make me feel any better, there aren’t any visible changes, or if I’m just not very good at it, I’ll just get frustrated and look for the next thing (and then started searching online for compact treadmills).

So yeah, any tips for staying focused for someone that doesn’t really enjoy ‘working out’ would be ace.

Vital stats update

Games played: 35 (W14 D5 L16)
Total on-pitch time: 31 hrs 10 mins
Goals scored: 10
Flattened by a slide tackle: 1

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I don’t think that’s bad progress for four weeks!

If you’re not a fan of lots of hiit workouts have you considered switching to weights (or a mix of weights and hiit)?

You might find more motivation by having easy to measure targets

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Thanks for the encouragement :blush:

I’m doing a mix at the moment (2 x HIIT, 2 x body conditioning with dumbbells) a week, but I think as you say without a set target and not really enjoying that kind of workout to with I’ve just been getting a bit fed up, especially with the prospect of it being my routine indefinitely :scream:

I can just never seem to get in the right headspace to push through and keep at it. I might try adding running into the mix again for variety, as I feel like I’m slowly exhausting all my options for ‘at home’ stuff that doesn’t feel like an obligation rather than a rewarding activity.


Has anyone successfully kicked a chocolate addiction?

  • Restrict yourself to a couple of treats per week
  • Scorched earth is the only way, never even glance at the confectionary aisle again and don’t look back

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I’ve done months of absolutely no chocolate which worked really well until the challenge ended and then I just went back to normal and ate all the chocolate.

At the moment I’m using a timer controlled locked box to store my chocolate and I can take a couple out each day and then lock it again to stop myself mindlessly munching, seems to work so far

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