2020 Health & Fitness

Week 2 of Lockdown II

Continued to run every weekday, and have now reached the maximum daily distance of 6k. Remarkably, every run so far has been without rain. A dog did try to snap at my ankles though, unsuccesfully.

Total distance run: 48k


I just turned around to put my phone down behind me while on the exercise bike and my lower back spasmed painfully. I’m finishing my cycle and only feeling a bit of pain if I jerk my body to either side

  • Do a stretching routine
  • Just have a hot shower
  • I don’t know I’m not a chiropractor!
  • Do the 20 minute ab workout you were planning to do

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Stretch and shower, don’t do the ab routine until you’re sure you won’t cause any further injuries


my middle back has been hurting all week and it’s messed up my routines

Week 47
19 hours/ 19 games
27 goals

Football Replacement Service:
9 gym visits
350m treadmill/ bike
Chances of me attending the gym again before 6.00 this evening: 5%
Chances of me ending the year a stone or more heavier than January: 99%

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Yeah, this is the right answer isn’t it :+1:
Stretching done, now for the hot shower :shower::partying_face:

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