2020 Mercury Prize thread

They’re announcing the shortlist in a few weeks (I assume they’ll have a virtual award ceremony in the autumn or something), what should/will be shortlisted?

I’d really like it if ALASKALASKA was nominated but it seems to have passed everyone by.

Things I think might be nominated that I am not fussed about:
Sports Team
Laura Marling
The 1975
Fontaines DC
Porridge Radio
Fat White Family
Paul Weller
Pigs x 7

Things I think might be nominated that I am okay with:
GoGo Penguin
Daniel Avery (twice)
Four Tet
Nadine Shah
Shabaka And The Ancestors

Things that should be nominated but won’t be:
Jon Brooks
bow church
Craven Faults

I think they’re announcing the shortlist before this comes out so wouldn’t be eligible until next year (unless anything until end of July 2020 is eligible?)

Swear it feels like this happens three times a year.


Weird how metal is constantly overlooked by the mercury prize isn’t it.


I don’t listen to a lot of jazz, but I would be very happy if Yazz Ahmed’s Polyhmnia was the token jazz album. It’s phenomenal.

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If you were the Mercury judge, which metal albums would you nominate?

Reckon that Isobel Campbell record has an outside chance.

would like to see Lankum and Girl Band get a nod. Lankum probably have a decent chance as token folk act


ooh yeah, the shortlist is the week before release. Suppose they might get in on a technicality but we’ll see

Rina Sawayama should be shortlisted, and it’s a debut so has a good chance


Cryptic Shift
My Dying Bride
Paradise Lost

any of these would be reasonable nominations, I reckon (none of them will be anywhere near the judges’ ears of course)

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Aren’t Lankum Irish. I thought it was only UK acts?

Irish artists are also eligible, you just might not have noticed as they only bother to nominate one every 3 years or so usually


Albums have to have been released between 20 July 2019 and 17 July 2020 which means both Fontaines DC albums miss out.

I’d hope to see the following:

Porridge Radio
Laura Marling
Murder Capital
Sam Lee
Rustin Man
Baxter Dury
Shabaka and the Ancestors
Melt Yourself Down
FKA Twigs

From those I think only Porridge Radio, Shabaka, FKA Twigs and Baxter Dury are the most likely. I have a feeling this might be the year that the token jazz record wins it. However, it will probably go to a grime album I’ve never heard by an artist I’ve never heard of. Also that FKA Twigs stands a good chance.

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I haven’t heard the rest, but that Loathe album is very special. Agree.

It is always baffling why heavy music is never represented. Always seems a bit snobbish, as though heavy music isn’t considered “respectable” music, and pretty much ever other genre is.

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debut was nominated last year anyway

Am I the only one who seems to measure the passing of time by how often this comes around?

Fuck it’s that time again is it!!!

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Thinking about it, I really don’t know much about the current UK/Irish Metal scene. My particular tastes veer toward stoner/sludge/doom and that tends to be the purview of Sabbath-bumming US bands these days. On these shores, I like Green Lung and… they’re about all I know.