2020 Mercury Prize thread

Oh yeah, FKA Twigs is probably going to win isn’t she (unless they decide she doesn’t ‘need’ the award) - no complaints if she does of course.

probably because its mostly shite?

have we had this much of 2020 already

wowee zowee

probably not eligible


absolutely knew this would happen :smiley:

Self Esteem should have won last year. Nadine Shah pipped in 2018. Nadine Shah for 2020? I hope it will be a BAME artist.


Another vote for Nadine. Robbed of it last time.

In fairness, 5 of the last 6 winners have been BAME, so not like they’ve been ignoring them. Considering how few acts win after their first two albums, I wonder if Nadine Shah’s chance has passed.

Yeah, no critism at all. I’ve a lot of time for these awards.

Dua Lipa maybe? Mabel?

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I was going to say self esteem but clearly time has got away from me.

Dua Lipa 100% getting nommed

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Girl Band
Junk Drawer
Shabaka And The Ancestors

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Same is true of most genres though

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Really!? Does he still do songs and have critics like them?

Porridge Radio
Nadine Shah

The new Nadine Shah album is brilliant. Her last won should have won instead of Wolf Alice.

His new one is out in a week or so and it’s getting really good reviews. I’ll probably not listen to it myself, but he seems to be back on a critic’s darling phase of his career.

Tough call between Ashley Henry and Moses Boyd for the token jazz nomination. But will probably go to Shabaka or Seb as usual.

Would love to see two jazz acts nominated this year, but then I say that every year. Maybe even one of them could win it too?

He released something on Ghost Box, didn’t he? Which was a big “whaaaa” to read about, though tbh I’d forgotten all about it till now.

I genuinely do wonder if it is the ‘turn’ of the jazz album. British jazz is still having its moment, is popular with critics and is addressing some of the big social issues. Mercury Prize rarely does the expected so it is hard to guess.

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