2020 Rolling Hip-Hop Thread

Didn’t go to the last one. Tempted, but just felt like it’d be a massive effort and I don’t think I’d have had the stamina.

Enjoying this a lot.

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Wolf at the door

fave UK guy by a mile, his back catalogue is deep too

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This completely passed me by until some of the end of decade lists bigged it up. Really, really great record. Hard hitting and pared back - think some of you guys might dig it if you haven’t heard it already.

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Gonna spin this this weeeknd

Late to how good the Wiki album from last year was so i’m including it in 2020

fucking bop

feel free to chat unearthed old classics in here too

just heard this remix for the first time, entirely my shit, remix by Ski (original producer) and with different verses


Love this. This was on a mixtape that I used to play loads but have forgotten which one - might have been a DJ Three one. Just reading Discogs and it was only ever a white label.

Did you ever listen to this?

Yeah this is a favourite of mine. I think i might even prefer it to Uptown Saturday Night which is wild. Hollywood at the Disco could have been as big as Luchini or Coolie High

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like this, always had a soft spot for the Pro Era / Beast Coast gang, feel like a lot of them are perpetually hinting at their potental

Popped it on for my train home and actually thought the very same thing.

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this is righteous. Love Jafrican sunset and the whole thing really

Didn’t realise this was on Spotify! Excited to check it out

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Yeah, love that track too. 13:00! Works so well though.

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trying to think if it’s the longest rap song I like

not sure this one counts but straight flames

otherwise it’s comfortably longer than this

and this

and this

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Any good album of the decade lists?

(also keen to read some that are, er, less “specialist”)

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lot of good tracks here, if you like clicking countless links

seen a few good best songs lists, no album lists though really


I loved Elmattic’s one. That was where I came across that Skipp Coon album actually. It’s on the nerdier end and very biased to the east coast and albums rather than singles, but it aligns pretty much exactly with the kind of rap I like. I checked everyone on it that I didn’t know and enjoyed them.


Also really enjoyed Dad Bod Rap Pods decade list. A little more predictable but a great mix of underground and mainstream.

Finally - the Call Out Culture one was good too. Lots of underground stuff. And they’re just funny guys - really like Curly Castro.

Been meaning to do my own, but didn’t get very far. Marcberg definitely my number 1, but it was an excellent period and I just love how varied rap is now. I’d imagine all the regulars in this thread could do a top 50 and none would look the same. :heart: hip hop music.


Stitches! Forgot about him. What a loon.

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