2020 Rolling Hip-Hop Thread

always really liked AK

Sounds like we nearly lost one of the greats

Love this. (Oblivion Access). His rapping reminds me of someone and I can’t put my finger on it - sounds really early 2000s NYC backpacky. Like someone from Atoms Family.

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More random purchases (actually stole the ODB one, I’m not paying for another copy of that).

Really into the Flee Lord one. Wish Roc Marciano chose better rappers to work with - Reasonable Drought is pretty boring.

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whats that godfather don one like

It’s actually not bad! Have a listen here…

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Lovin this. FFO Roc Marciano (Marci produced the whole thing)


Anything Roc Marc affiliated is worth a look, cheers :+1:

Has grown on me a bit. Still don’t really rate this Stove God guy though.

Yeah, he’s a bit one note. I just love the sound of his voice. Same reason I love Westside Gunn.

Oooh - new Conway and Alchemist.


I know this situation is awful but… shaping up to be an amazing year for new rap music. :grimacing:

What are your latest finds m9?

Three today!

That Conway and Alchemist is decent.

Ankhlejohn - Mahamudra (bought this via DM on Instagram!)

Finsta Bundy - 101: The High (this is technically old, but only just came out)

(And still listening to the Jay Electronica album quite a lot)

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And these! They actually feel like they were released a lifetime ago. Aside from the Denzel Curry one which I’m yet to get around to.

Alc is on some real victory lap shit, really lovely to see him stay in the fold so much. remember him being one of my fave producers as a teen from some of the best Dilated Peoples jams

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He has always been a bit of an outlier for me and I could never put my finger on it. I think partly because of The Whooliganz, and partly because he fell in between that gap between 90s golden era and the 2000s underground. Harsh, but I always associated him with past-their-best NYC rappers. It was probably Return of the Mac that changed my opinion.

Last 4-5 years is probably my favourite period of his! Just working with really interesting people. Want to check anything he puts out.

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One of the few golden(ish) era producers that’s actually raised his reputation since his ‘prime’. return of the mac was the one that really hooked me as well, or at least hooked me to the idea of hime being able to carry a full length. think i took notice of him first with dilated as well, and then keep it thoro, and the ghostface track the forest. kinda funny to go back and listen to those swollen members tracks huh…

i liked a handful of tracks of his two comp albums 1st infantry and chemical warfare.


i havent kept up to speed fully but the boldy james release from this year has to be one of alchs best products in a while

love this too, well-used sample but